Leading Bay Area Commercial Lawn Care Services

Leading Bay Area Commercial Lawn Care Services

Maintaining Sustainable, Lush, and Healthy Lawns

Your commercial property must greet clients, employees, tenants, students, and guests with a professional but welcoming ambiance. That’s why property owners and managers choose a Bay Area commercial lawn care service that provides comprehensive, year-round assistance with planting, seeding, mowing, fertilizing, pest management, and other key lawn care needs.

Petalon Landscape Management has the talent, knowledge, and experience to spruce up your lawn and keep it in pristine condition. When you hire our team for Bay Area commercial lawn care services, we take care of:

  • Weekly maintenance
  • Seasonal care and cleanup
  • Planting and maintaining low water-usage grass and plants
  • Integrated pest management to prevent and eliminate infestations
  • Turf replacement and installation for commercial properties

What Do Commercial Lawns Need?

To keep your lawn green and vibrant, your Bay Area commercial lawn care service must ensure:

  • Regular inspections and timely care: Mowing, weed control, aeration, fertilization, and removing dead and dying grass will leave behind a healthy, beautiful lawn.
  • Irrigation management: Repair or upgrade your existing irrigation to minimize erosion, improve drainage, and conserve water. Our pros design and implement smart irrigation solutions that deliver the maximum water conservation benefits.
  • Meticulous maintenance: Unsightly brown patches sabotage your efforts to keep your lawn fresh and green, diminishing your property value. Our Bay Area lawn care services include soil preparation, patch removal and replacement, and year-round lawn maintenance. We also reseed your lawn periodically to prevent bare patches and revitalize the turf.

Do You Need Drought-friendly Commercial Lawn Care?

If you are focused on water conservation, we can help you choose low-water grass, plants and trees. Using smart irrigation solutions and native species, we can create a beautiful and sustainable commercial landscape for your commercial property.

Our water conservation services for businesses, estates, parks, schools, and other organizations include:

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for utility. There are colorful native plants and drought friendly ground cover as well as stunning hardscape options that can help your property look great without wasting water. We also install artificial turf in high traffic areas to decrease maintenance and water usage.

Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 or contact us online for commercial lawn care services in the Bay Area. We serve commercial properties across the San Jose and Santa Clara areas, Gilroy and Morgan Hill (South Bay), Hayward, Fremont, Pleasanton, San Mateo, Redwood City, and Palo Alto.