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commercial landscaping

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?

Learn How this Process Promotes Healthy, Strong Trees Wondering what deep root fertilization is and how it works? Have you read conflicting views about this process? Despite the mixed feedback available on the internet, most qualified arborists agree that this is a highly beneficial investment for the health and longevity of your trees. Petalon’s trusted[...]

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Fall Tree Health Care Tips for Commercial Properties

v Tips to Promote Tree Growth and Longevity The trees on your San Jose area commercial property are only as good as the care and attention they receive. A comprehensive arbor care service during fall will promote healthy, vibrant trees, while also prepping them for the season ahead. Petalon’s landscape management professionals offer useful fall[...]

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Why Plan Your Drainage Maintenance in Late Summer?

Prepare Your Landscape for the Cooler Months Late summer or early fall is the ideal time to book your drainage maintenance service appointment. This critical landscaping to-do is most important heading into the fall and winter months. As the weather turns cooler, the rains usually come and can flood your walkways and landscapes or[...]

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Pest Control for Top Tree Pests

Your Top Tree Pests Need Control! Integrated Pest Control Services for Healthy, Beautiful Trees The trees and plants on your Bay Area property are constantly under threat from various natural elements. While years of drought may have already weakened mature trees in your area, new, destructive pests are further impacting their health and longevity.[...]

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Seasonal Irrigation Maintenance

Seasonal Irrigation Maintenance for Your Commercial Landscape Learn Why Mid-Season Tune Ups Are Important Summer can be particularly stressful for the turf, plants and trees on your commercial property. Extreme heat, humidity or other climatic variations during this time may take a toll on the appearance of the landscape and thereby, the value[...]

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Pest Management

Integrate Pest Control into Your Landscape Management Services

A Sustainable Approach to Flourishing Landscapes A lush, healthy landscape requires optimum design and plant selection, timely nourishment and care, and adequate protection against insects, pests and diseases. Routine maintenance activities, such as mowing, pruning, fertilizing and cleanups are critical. However, it is equally important to integrate pest control into your landscaping management services. At[...]

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Seasonal Flower Planting Services

Add Life to Your Commercial Property with Seasonal Flower Planting Hire an Experienced Landscape Management Company The colors and textures that come with seasonal flower plantings will add life to any tired landscape. A burst of vibrant blooms will not only enhance curb appeal, but also make your property inviting all year[...]

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estate landscaping

Estate Landscaping Care – Best Practices

Estate Landscaping Care Requires Experience and Skill   Follow these Best Practices and Maintain Beautiful Grounds As managers or owners of large properties, your estate landscaping care needs to differ from residential premises. The extensive acreage, water supply needs, drainage systems and pest management issues pose challenges that are large in scale as well[...]

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