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Petalon Presents a Proven Spring Tree Care Checklist!

Useful Advice from Experienced Arborists

When cold winds and frigid temperatures give way to balmy spring breezes in the Bay Area, it’s time to take stock of the tree inventory on your commercial property. At Petalon Landscape Management, Inc., our trusted tree care professionals work closely with a local network of ISA-certified arborists. We have put together a handy checklist to help you ensure your trees make the most of the warmer weather.

We offer comprehensive commercial landscaping services throughout the Bay Area, including in San Jose, Santa Clara, Gilroy and Morgan Hill (South Bay), Hayward, Fremont, Pleasanton, San Mateo, Redwood City, and Palo Alto. Let us help you tick off all the items on this spring tree care checklist.

Follow These Tips to Help Your Beautiful Trees Grow, and Stay Strong

Start by inspecting your trees for winter damage, pruning away dead branches, and preparing each tree for healthy growth. Then, feed your trees with sustainable fertilizers and lock in moisture with a fresh layer of mulch. These are just some of the steps our professionals take to safeguard your trees and shrubs.

Here’s a more detailed spring tree care checklist that our team uses for your arbor care needs:

  • Inspect your trees. Spring is the perfect time to perform a close inspection of your trees. The branches are often bare, or have sparse foliage, so it’s easier for arborists to spot cracks in the bark, broken branches, and pest infestation. You can also perform your own inspection and let us know if you notice any signs of trouble. We’ll take preventive action to safeguard the health and welfare of all the trees on your property.
  • Prune dead branches. To make way for spring growth, it’s important to prune away diseased, unsafe branches. It’s a good idea to prune before the weather turns hot, to avoid the spread of pests and diseases. This will also spruce up the appearance of your trees, helping your commercial property make a great first impression.
  • Remove debris. Do you see branches, leaves, and other debris accumulated around the base of your trees? This detritus may contain harmful bugs that can make your trees sick. With our seasonal cleanup services, a healthier landscape is in the bag!
  • Feed your trees. Slow-release fertilizer gives your evergreens and deciduous trees the nutrients they crave after the deprivations of winter. Spring deep root fertilizing promotes healthy root growth, improving tree health and vitality.
  • Plant new trees in the right spots. Trees need access to adequate sunshine and moist, nutrient-rich soil to thrive. Do you need assistance with tree selection and placement? We have you covered.
  • Add mulch to assist with weed control. Adding up to 4 inches of mulch around the base of each tree can hold the right amount of moisture and limit weed growth.
  • Use smart irrigation solutions to hydrate your trees. Our landscapers can evaluate your existing irrigation system and perform necessary repairs. Alternatively, you may decide to install drought-friendly irrigation systems that deliver water directly to the root system, without wasting a precious drop. Moist soil holds nutrients better and makes it easier for trees to get the nourishment and water they need to grow.

Contact us today to discuss a detailed spring tree care checklist specific to your commercial property. Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 for tree care and landscape management services in the Bay Area, including San Jose, Santa Clara, Gilroy, and Morgan Hill (South Bay), Hayward, Fremont, Pleasanton, San Mateo, Redwood City, and Palo Alto.