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Hotel and Commercial Building Landscape Services, East Bay, CA

HOA Landscaping and Maintenance

Select a Proactive Company for HOA Landscaping and Maintenance Petalon Offers Comprehensive Landscape Management for Bay Area HOAs If you sit on the board of your neighborhood HOA, you already know how hard it is to find a reliable company to install, maintain, and improve the greenery around your outdoor spaces. Fortunately,[...]

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Pest Management Commercial Services, Petalon Landscape, East Bay, CA

Integrate Pest Control into Your Landscape Management Services

A Sustainable Approach to Flourishing Landscapes A lush, healthy landscape requires optimum design and plant selection, timely nourishment and care, and adequate protection against insects, pests and diseases. Routine maintenance activities, such as mowing, pruning, fertilizing and cleanups are critical. However, it is equally important to integrate pest control into your landscaping management services. At[...]

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