Green Initiatives

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Green Initiatives

Petalon Landscape Management, Inc. is a recognized leader for its strict adherence to green policies and environmental ethics. This conservation consciousness is prevalent throughout our company from the boardroom to the field. We are highlighting here our green program and services and our dedication to the practice of green responsible landscape management.

Petalon does this in part by offering natural pruning performed with hand tools, organic fertilizers and chemicals, mulch mowers, low emission equipment, as well as electrical equipment, and the latest water conservation practices. By offering our customers not only great quality landscape, but also an opportunity to be part of a “green” lifestyle, we hope to better serve our customers and our environment.

Water Conservation

Petalon recognizes that there is no more important and precious natural resource than water. Through the utilization of the latest technology in software (SMART controllers) and hardware (Matched Precipitation Rotators), and employing certified/well trained technicians to spearhead our Water Management practices, Petalon will save you not only water, but money as well. Our best practices reduce run-off, overspray and costly environmental and property damage while providing an optimum moisture level for plant health and performance. We work closely with our Local Water Districts and their innovative Irrigation Technical Assistance Program (ITAP) and lrrigation System Hardware Rebate Program (ISHRP) to help save you money while protecting our region’s scarce water resources.

Annual Color Design & Planting

Our policies regarding the type and composition of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are being constantly revised to reflect a more environmentally friendly approach to your landscape, lessen watershed impact, and improve safety of clients and workers. We steadfastly monitor legislation governing the use of these products for environmental or health concerns. We are dedicated to using only products that provide specific, tangible results with minimal impact to the environment.

Integrated Pest Management

Tree care by certified arborists include tree planting, relocation and removal services. On-going maintenance include pruning, staking, deep root fertilization, stump removal and pest control.

Green Waste Recycling

Petalon outsources the processing of all landscape maintenance debris accumulated during routine service to recycling companies to be further processed, compacted and/or composted. This significantly reduces land fill volume and saves in debris disposal fees. Petalon also has the means to process or chip debris on site to be utilized as mulching material.

Conscious Landscape Selection & Procurement

Petalon’s expert horticulturists select only plants that perform flawlessly in our USDA Hardiness zone. We make our selections with an emphasis on environmental consciousness without sacrificing aesthetics. We strive to choose plants with low maintenance costs (fertilization, pest control & care) and low environmental impact (water consumption & drought tolerance).

Reduced Pesticide, Herbicide & Fertilizer Use

Our experienced staff of account managers and field technicians design and install site specific seasonal color that leave a lasting impression.

Emissions Reduction & Equipment Management

We mandate strict compliance with local, state & federal standards for emissions control. These stringent standards govern our equipment purchasing and maintenance. We have expert mechanics that ensure that all of our equipment receives regular maintenance increasing fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. And, of course, all of our petroleum based waste products are properly recycled.

We perform our Landscape Management services in these areas:

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CupertinoFoster CityMilpitasSan JoseSunnyvale
DanvilleFremontPalo AltoSan MateoTriValley
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