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7 Reasons to Make Commercial Tree Care a Part of Your Landscape Services

Maintain Vibrant, Healthy Trees on Your Property

Trees are a valuable asset for any commercial landscape, particularly in urban settings. They provide privacy and relief from the noise and activity of urban life. People enjoy the beauty of flowering trees, the shade of large trees, the variety of birds flocking to fruit trees, and many more advantages of these gentle giants on your property. To ensure they grow strong, stay disease and pest-free, and remain healthy overall, make commercial tree care a part of your landscape services.    

Our team at Petalon Landscape Management works with a local network of ISA certified arborists to provide a variety of arbor care services, such as pruning, trimming, stump removal and grinding, and pest and disease control. We also offer comprehensive tree inventories and arborist reports to assess tree health and liability risk. Condominiums, HOAs, city spaces, apartment complexes, corporate campuses, schools, and estates across the Bay Area rely on us for cost-effective, customer-friendly commercial tree care services.

Why Include Commercial Tree Care in Your Landscape Services

Many property owners and managers hire landscape services to ensure top notch care for their large lawns, seasonal flower planting, and often, to seek effective drought tolerant landscaping ideas. In addition, you can make commercial tree care a part of regular landscape services for your office building, commercial complex, or retail property.

Here are the top 7 reasons why outsourcing your tree care to the talented team at Petalon makes sense.

  1. Disease prevention: Prompt treatment can often save sick trees and prevent the spread of disease. It’s equally important to remove unhealthy trees that are at risk of falling and pose a danger to other trees, buildings, or the public.
  2. Pest control: Your commercial tree care package can be designed to include integrated pest management. Our team will monitor your trees for signs of infestation and take the appropriate steps to safeguard their health.
  3. Tree removal: Although we do all we can to save every tree, it’s not always possible. We have access to advanced equipment to safely remove trees even from the most problematic locations on your property.
  4. Bracing and support: Let our team give damaged trees the help they need to recover from a lightning strike or storm damage.
  5. Pruning: As part of your annual arbor care maintenance, we recommend pruning your trees while they’re dormant. This can prevent dead branches from blocking the light required for new growth.
  6. Stump removal: After removing a tree, you may be left with an unattractive stump. Our team is trained in expert stump grinding and removal services to prepare the space for landscaping improvements.
  7. Tree planting: Planting new trees is good for the planet and good for your property. Let our arborists recommend drought resistant species to beautify your property without wasting water.

Whether your property is full of thriving trees, or you need assistance with pest management and tree removal, you can trust us for comprehensive arbor care services.

Contact us today to make commercial tree care part of your landscape services in Redwood City, San Mateo, Hayward, and San Ramon. Call Petalon at 408-453-3998.