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Seasonal Flower Planting Services

Add Life to Your Commercial Property with Seasonal Flower Planting

Hire an Experienced Landscape Management Company


The colors and textures that come with seasonal flower plantings will add life to any tired landscape. A burst of vibrant blooms will not only enhance curb appeal, but also make your property inviting all year round. Petalon Landscape Management offers budget-friendly, low-maintenance planting ideas to beautify commercial landscapes. Whether it is passersby, tenants, employees or visitors, your commercial landscape will get noticed when it’s designed and installed by our seasonal flower planting specialists.

We Keep Your Commercial Property Fresh and Blooming in Every Season

Before selecting the plants that will add life to your commercial landscape, our seasonal flower planting specialists consider several factors.

  • Climatic Variations: Due to micro-climates within the Bay Area, every neighborhood may experience varying temperatures and humidity levels. We take into account the specific weather pattern in your area to create a healthy mix of plants that will flower in each season. Your landscape will showcase an abundance of colorful blooms all year round.
  • Soil Type: The type of soil on your property is instrumental in determining the fertilizing needs and blooming quality of flowering plants. We ensure that your new, flowering landscape is easy to maintain and produces masses of bright, colorful blossoms.
  • Shading: While some plants do exceedingly well in the shade, others need a minimum number of hours of daily, direct sunlight. We carefully chart out a landscape design and planting pattern based on sun exposure requirements for each species.
  • Drought Tolerance: The Bay Area and its surrounding communities have seen their fair share of drought conditions in the past few years. We consider your irrigation system and water conservation requirements when choosing the best seasonal flowers for your property.
  • Architectural Details: We like to ensure a harmonious design and layout, keeping in mind the existing trees, shrubs and plants, hardscaping elements and architectural details of your commercial property.
  • Theme and Layout: We are flexible in our design approach. If you have a layout in mind, we welcome your ideas and input. If you are not sure what you want, we are happy to propose options based on your preferred theme and budget.

Rejuvenate your commercial property or give it a complete makeover with Petalon’s seasonal flower planting services. We specialize in designing and installing beautiful, flowering landscapes that enhance your curb appeal and stay attractive all year long. Our experienced and knowledgeable gardeners, unparalleled customer service, and expertise in drought condition planting makes us an ideal landscaping partner.

From corporate campuses and municipalities, to HOA communities and shopping centers, we serve a range of commercial clients in cities throughout the Bay Area.

Call 408-453-3998 to know how seasonal flower planting can add new life to your commercial property landscape. You can also contact us online for a quote.

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