Commercial Lawn Care Services Pleasanton and Dublin

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Commercial Lawn Care Services Pleasanton and Dublin

Affordable Turf Management by the Experts

Commercial Lawn Care Services Pleasanton and Dublin

Petalon’s commercial lawn care services in Pleasanton and Dublin help maintain healthy green spaces and lush landscapes. As an award-winning, full-service commercial landscaping company, we address all aspects of turf care, including water management, turf enhancement and repairs, turf reduction and replacements, and more.

Comprehensive Commercial Turf Care for Pleasanton and Dublin Properties

Maintaining beautiful green spaces and year-round curb appeal in drought-prone California can be expensive, tedious, and time consuming. Save time and money by hiring Petalon’s commercial lawn care experts. We specialize in turf management for a wide range of commercial properties and have the skills and experience to work with all varieties of lot sizes, micro-climates, soil conditions, and landscaping budgets.

In addition to comprehensive lawn care, we offer a full suite of commercial landscaping services to help you achieve healthy and attractive landscapes.

Our routine commercial lawn care services in Pleasanton and Dublin include:

  • Weekly mowing, edging, trimming, and pruning
  • Seasonal garden management and seasonal lawn cleanups
  • Lawn fertilization, aeration, thatch removal, and weed control
  • Landscape design plans and sod installation
  • Lawn renewal or restoration through turf repairs

We provide a number of other sustainable and reliable turf management solutions that reduce your water usage and enhance the drought tolerance of your landscape:

  • Turf replacement with xeriscape landscaping (water-wise plants and ground cover)  
  • Turf reduction by adding hardscaping elements, such as stone or concrete patios

Award-Winning Commercial Lawn Care Services in Pleasanton and Dublin

Our team at Petalon collaborates with an integrated network of ISA-certified arborists, skilled landscapers, qualified hardscaping professionals, and experienced irrigation and drainage management specialists. From landscape installation and upgrades, and turf and tree care, to pest management and irrigation or drainage, we cater to every aspect of commercial landscape maintenance for Pleasanton and Dublin properties. Our experts take the time to understand your short and long term landscape management goals and prepare personalized, sustainable solutions in keeping with your property’s needs. Take advantage of our complete suite of landscaping services to achieve vibrant, cost-effective landscapes.

We serve an extensive range of commercial establishments in Pleasanton and Dublin, as well as the rest of the Bay Area.

Call 408-453-3998 or contact us online to request a quote for your commercial lawncare needs in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA.

Pleasanton and Dublin Feature Beautiful Commercial Landscapes

Named one of the best places to visit in the U.S., the picturesque town of Pleasanton, CA is just 45 miles from San Francisco. True to its name, the town boasts pleasant weather, beautiful outdoor recreational areas, a buzzing community vibe, and abundant green spaces. Pleasanton also features a host of commercial establishments with sprawling, well-manicured lawns and thriving, drought-resistant landscapes.

Dublin, CA ranks seventh on the list of the best places to live in the U.S. and is only 35 miles from San Francisco. With its Irish roots and a rich Celtic heritage, Dublin offers a unique vibe that is not comparable to any other town or city in California. Besides its expansive green spaces and vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment, Dublin is home to a number of stunning, water-efficient commercial and residential landscapes.

Commercial property owners and managers in Pleasanton and Dublin are deeply committed to developing and maintaining attractive outdoor spaces that enhance curb appeal while also meeting their water conservation goals.