Drainage Installation Repair

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Drainage Installation Repair

Drainage Installation and Repair is Vital to Your Landscape

Drainage installation is an important but often-overlooked factor in the overall care of your commercial landscape.

Petalon Landscape Management professionals understand the importance of proper drainage to the health and appearance of your landscape. Soil that retains too much or too little water leads to many landscaping problems, regardless of how much rain has fallen or the quality of the irrigation system.

Today, effectively managing water usage consists of matching efficient irrigation techniques with proper drainage. Petalon Landscape Management integrates both elements into our maintenance programs, so you are assured that your entire property is getting precisely the right amount of water at all times.

Petalon’s drainage installation and repair services are designed to:

  • Eliminate problem areas. Improper drainage can result in flooding, “swampy” areas, or extremely dry soil. We get rid of problems areas by making certain your grounds always retain the correct amount of moisture.
  • Keep plants, flowers, trees and grass consistently vibrant and attractive through periods of times of abundant rainfall or drought. Good drainage is essential to roots getting the right amount of nourishment.
  • Promote sanitary conditions. Mosquitoes and bacteria breed in environments that are perpetually wet. A Petalon-managed landscape won’t have that problem.
  • Protect your buildings. We engineer drainage systems that divert water away from the foundations of structures on your property.
  • Encourage the enjoyment of your grounds. Even minutes after irrigation, people are able to walk on and enjoy grounds that have proper drainage.

Call Today for Drainage Repair and Installation

Improving the drainage on a property is more than simply fixing broken pipes. Petalon performs drainage repair for existing systems and installation of new drainage systems, above and below ground, for construction projects and renovations.

When necessary, we also grade the land to eliminate problematic low and high spots.

Petalon serves commercial properties, corporate campuses, H.O.A. communities, retail complexes, apartments and municipalities throughout the Bay Area, including Fremont, Mountain View, Walnut Creek, Danville, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale.

Drain installation and repair by Petalon Landscape Management prevents flooding or excessively dry soil on your commercial property. Call today at 408-453-3998 to schedule an inspection.

We perform our Landscape Management services in these areas:

Bay AreaEast BayLivermoreRedwood CitySanta Clara
CupertinoFoster CityMilpitasSan JoseSunnyvale
DanvilleFremontPalo AltoSan MateoTriValley
DublinHaywardPleasantonSan RamonWalnut Creek