Integrated Pest Control Services

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Integrated Pest Control Services

Integrated Pest Control Services for Healthier Landscapes

Integrated pest control services are part of Petalon Landscape Management’s comprehensive approach to maintaining healthy, lush landscapes for our commercial clients.

Our integrated pest control services can solve your pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. Monitoring, correct pest identification and a timely, appropriate response are key in effective pest control.

Petalon uses a combination of pest management tools to control insects and vermin that harm your plants, trees and even your buildings and grounds.

These methods – including the use of traps, biological insecticides that contain naturally occurring microorganisms, and even picking bugs off plants by hand are very effective and less toxic to the environment than synthetic pesticides.  Sometimes proper irrigation and watering techniques are encouraged to produce a healthier landscape area to naturally protect itself from pests.

When we use synthetic pesticides, they are used sparingly and only when other pest control measures have proved to be unsatisfactory.

Petalon’s integrated pest control services remove landscape-damaging creatures that include:

  • Caterpillers, aphids, mites, thrips and other plant-chewing or sucking insects
  • Wood-boring insects, including termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees, which are often mistaken for bumblebees but create nests within wood. Timely treatment of infestations prevents termites or other wood-boring insects from migrating to structures on a property.
  • Burrowing vermin. With the tunnels and piles of dirt they create, moles or gophers do great damage.
  • Above-ground pests. Skunks, possums and raccoons looking for food can ruin lawns and flowerbeds in short order.

Integrated Pest Control Services, Part of an Overall Plan

Safeguarding your landscape against pests starts with the knowledgable selection of plants and soil, supported with a program of adequate irrigation and proper fertilization. Trees and plants that are healthy and thrive in a particular micro-environment are better able to fight off damaging insects and diseases.

As part of an overall plan of landscape care for our clients, Petalon Landscape Management routinely inspects for signs of damage caused by pests. If an infestation is confirmed on your property, one of our professionals will assess the extent of the problem, then draw up a detailed treatment strategy.

The strategy, which explains precisely what we will be doing to solve your pest problem, is submitted for your approval before treatment begins. We will update you regularly on the progress of treatment.

Petalon Landscape Management serves corporate campuses, HOAs, retail complexes, apartments, municipalities and other commercial properties in East Bay including the Tri-Valley areas of Pleasanton, Livermore, Hayward, Danville, and Walnut Creek.

Learn more about our integrated pest control services. Call us today at 408-453-3998 to schedule an appointment, or ask for a quote online.

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