Landscape Irrigation Services in Pleasanton

Landscape Irrigation Services in Pleasanton

Knowledgeable Landscape Irrigation Services in Pleasanton

Conserve Water and Keep Your Commercial Landscape Lush

Landscape Irrigation Services Pleasanton

As part of our comprehensive landscape irrigation services in Pleasanton, we design, install, monitor, and repair commercial irrigation systems. If you want irrigation technicians who focus on water conservation and have a broad knowledge of irrigation systems, Petalon has the right resources for you.

Our trained, insured professionals know how to maintain and repair metal and plastic irrigation systems. If you suspect your irrigation system has broken heads or crimped and split pipes, we can make the necessary repairs to conserve water and keep your lawn healthy. If you’re ready to upgrade to a contemporary irrigation system that offers convenient automation and monitoring, we can give you an upfront, affordable estimate.

From the point of connection to electronic setup to troubleshooting problems with sprinkler heads, our technicians ensure that your system works optimally. We aim to create maximum curb appeal for your commercial landscape in Pleasanton, Livermore, Danville, or Dublin, CA.

Practice Water Conservation

With the proper plant selection, appropriate watering strategy, and a smart irrigation system, you can maintain attractive landscaping without missing your water conservation goals. Our irrigation pros provide installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services to businesses in Pleasanton and the surrounding areas. We take the local climate and soil conditions on your property into account when recommending the right system for you.

Comprehensive Landscaping Irrigation Services in Pleasanton

Petalon offers sustainable landscaping strategies that start with responsible water management for areas prone to drought conditions. Hire us for turnkey irrigation services from installation to programming to replacement.

Broken sprinkler heads can result in a flooded yard, dead grass and a high water bill. If you have an underground irrigation system, the pipes are typically made of metal (in older systems) or plastic (PVC) in newer systems. If you suspect your piping has split or crimped, call us to find and repair the leak immediately to conserve water and prevent a huge water bill.

Our irrigation management services include the following:

  • Designing smart irrigation systems with automatic controls
  • Replacing and upgrading services to PVC pipes, efficient sprinkler heads, and remote control capabilities
  • Drainage solutions
  • Skilled repair of crimped, cracked, and broken irrigation pipes
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Installing drought-resistant grass, groundcover, plants, and trees
  • Xeriscaping services available

Ask us about our green initiatives and landscape management services.

For the top landscape irrigation services in Pleasanton, contact us online to schedule services for your commercial property in Pleasanton, Livermore, Danville, and Dublin, CA.

Pleasanton Properties Boast Gorgeous Landscapes

Pleasanton is in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been listed among the BestPlaces’ “cities on the edge of greatness.” Roughly 80,000 people live in Pleasanton, which is known for a lively downtown featuring specialty retailers, ethnic restaurants, and plenty of entertainment choices. This affluent city boasts an average income more than $11,000 higher than the national average. Major employers include Hitachi, Clorox, and Symantec.

Pleasanton’s historic downtown offers free summer concerts, a farmers’ market, and a world-class golf course. To make their business premises stand out, companies spend time and effort maintaining their properties by investing in landscaping maintenance, including landscape irrigation services in Pleasanton.