Walnut Creek Commercial Tree Care Company

Walnut Creek Commercial Tree Care Company

Walnut Creek Commercial Tree Care Services

Keeping Your Property Vibrant and Inviting All Year

Commercial Tree Care CompanyEnhance the health and beauty of your trees with professional care from Petalon. Our team is dedicated to increasing the value and aesthetics of your green investments. We partner with ISA-certified arborists in the Walnut Creek area to deliver the best results. From tree selection and planting advice to pruning, pest control and disease treatments, we serve all your arbor care needs. Property owners and managers contract our commercial tree care services to sustain curb appeal throughout the year.

Located at the junction of highways from Sacramento, San Jose and San Francisco/Oakland, Walnut Creek serves as an important hub for the neighboring East Bay cities. Safeway, Nordstrom and Aetna are some of the notable employers here. 100-year-old buildings and modern, high-end retail establishments co-exist in the charming downtown area. There are many types of restaurants and entertainment venues offering something for everyone. Leading media such as CBS Money Watch and U.S. News have listed the city among the country’s 10 best places to retire.

Walnut Creek’s warm summer climate is typical of California’s interior valleys. During particularly severe winter storms, there may be snowfall on the peak of nearby Mount Diablo, but rarely in the valley. There are plenty of clear, mild weather days in winter. The equitable climate allows for the cultivation of a variety of plants, crops and fruit.

Walnut Creek owns more open space per capita than any other community in the state of California. An urban oasis surrounded by unspoiled hillsides, the city offers a picture perfect setting at the foot of Mount Diablo. Do your commercial premises reflect the beautiful landscape? Take advantage of our professional tree and landscape management services to make your property look attractive throughout the year.

Services Offered by Your Walnut Creek Commercial Tree Care Company

  • Need to increase the green cover on your premises? Knowing what type of trees to plant and where to plant them is important! Consult with our team to choose the best varieties suitable to your local area, temperature, soil conditions and sun exposure.
  • Concerned about tree growth? Deep root fertilization and proven treatments can reduce susceptibility to certain diseases and pests.
  • Want to improve fruit quality and production? Our fruit tree program is customized to your needs and budget. Employing an organic approach, we improve tree health and yield with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Need to transplant trees or remove unsightly stumps? Using the right equipment, we get the job done safely and efficiently without disturbing the surrounding landscape. We can help you transplant misplaced trees to an ideal spot.

Count on our award-winning commercial landscape management company to deliver the highest quality of tree care and customer service. Our weekly gardening and lawn care programs make it easy to maintain curb appeal. Leverage our expertise with sustainable landscaping and smart irrigation to reduce your property maintenance costs.

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