Trusted Arborist and Tree Care Services in the SF Bay Area

Trusted Arborist and Tree Care Services in the SF Bay Area

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful with a Little Help

Do you need assistance caring for trees on a large estate, public parkland, commercial property, school, or government complex? It’s important to hire reliable arborist and tree care services to keep your trees healthy and gorgeous, or to remove trees that have become an eyesore or safety hazard.

At Petalon Landscape Management, we work with a local network of certified arborists familiar with the species that grow throughout the SF Bay Area, including San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, Cupertino, Campbell, and Morgan Hill. 

Comprehensive Tree Care for Commercial Properties

When you have numerous trees with varying needs, hiring a professional arborist for tree care services can save you time and money. By detecting and treating problems early, you give each tree the best chance of providing shade and fresh air for decades to come.

Commercial property owners and managers rely on our knowledge, meticulous work, and affordable tree care and maintenance services.

Our tree care services include:

  • Tree selection: Choosing native, drought-friendly species ensures that you adhere to local codes and develop a sustainable commercial landscape. We can make suggestions on the best trees to plant.
  • Tree planting: Do you want to plant several trees? With proper planting techniques, we can give your trees the stability and support they need to thrive.
  • Tree care: In the Bay Area, trees require year-round care. From fertilization to staking to pruning, your trees deserve regular maintenance by experienced professionals.
  • Pest control: We take an integrated pest control management (IPM) approach that manages pests without harming your trees or overusing potentially toxic pesticides. An arborist can periodically inspect your trees and treat them for specific bug infestations or disease issues when needed.
  • Tree relocation: Do you have a beautiful tree growing in the middle of your next property expansion plan? We can carefully move it to a better location on your property.

Arborist and Tree Care Services to Help Nurse Sick Trees

Petalon partners with knowledgeable arborists who can diagnose and treat sick trees before they sustain major damage or affect your other trees. Call us to troubleshoot the following threats to tree health:

  • Insect damage: If you notice signs of insect activity, give us a call right away. We can assess the potential risk ofinfestation and treat if required.
  • Soil compaction: Foot traffic and time can create a hostile growing environment in the form of compacted soil. We can loosen the dirt to give your tree roots an opportunity to breathe and grow.
  • Nutrient deficiency. Deep root fertilizationgives your trees a boost that can take them through several seasons.

Tree Removal Service

Even if you do everything you can to save a tree, at some point, you may need to remove it. Growing too close to power lines, getting struck by lightning, and succumbing to disease are all potential reasons for taking down a damaged tree. We will do so quickly, safely, and affordably.

Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 or contact us online to inquire about arborist and tree care services for your commercial property. Our crews serve customers across the SF Bay Area including San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, Cupertino, Campbell, and Morgan Hill.