Unmatched Commercial Tree Care in South San Jose

Unmatched Commercial Tree Care in South San Jose

Certified Arborists Help Keep Your Trees Healthy and Strong

Petalon Landscape Management provides comprehensive care for ornamental, fruit-bearing, deciduous, and evergreen tree species. By engaging a network of certified arborists, we offer our clients industry-leading commercial tree care services in South San Jose, Almaden, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Evergreen, and Cambrian.

What Commercial Tree Care Services Do You Need?

From year-round tree maintenance including trimming and pruning, to timely tree services such as tree removal, replacement and stump removal, the Petalon team of arbor care specialists serves commercial properties across South San Jose. Our customers include municipal spaces, parks, shopping malls, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and retail plazas.

To maintain your property’s tree health, we offer the following services:

  • Tree trimming: Without proper trimming, trees can grow over walkways, tangle in power lines, and prevent underlying plants and lawn from receiving necessary sunlight. We provide periodic trimming to maintain the shape and appeal of your trees as well as the safety of passersby.
  • Planting: Planting trees too close to sidewalks, buildings, and other landscaping features can create structural damage or overpower your commercial property. We’ll work with you to choose species that will thrive in the warm South San Jose climate and develop a smart plan for your tree placement strategy.
  • Replacement: Damaged, dying trees can lower your commercial property’s appeal and value. While we do all we can to save sick trees, we can also replace ones that present a safety hazard.
  • Tree health: Do you suspect a tree on your property is sick? A health assessment by a certified local arborist will determine whether your tree needs treatment. We also offer comprehensive tree care to help your trees stay healthy and happy year-round. As part of your risk assessment, we can provide recommendations, including whether a tree poses any health or safety threats to people or structures.
  • Arborist services: ISA-certified arborists possess the skill and knowledge to keep your tree inventory healthy and beautiful. These professionals must have at least three years’ experience, which may include a degree. In addition, Petalon only works with arborists who share our high standard of ethics and conservation principles.

Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 or contact us online for comprehensive commercial tree care in South San Jose. We also serve nearby communities, such as Almaden, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Evergreen, and Cambrian.

Spring and early fall are the best times to plant trees in South San Jose, depending on the species. Plantnative.org recommends lacebark elms and Lombardy poplars, as well as other trees favorable to residents and city planners alike. You can also take advantage of Petalon’s expertise in xeriscaping and drought management to glean other recommendations for your commercial property.

Like many California cities, South San Jose cares about its trees and our experts take the time to keep up with local codes and regulations so you don’t have to. Golf courses, rolling hills, and an up-and-coming population make the area highly desirable for residents and businesses alike. All the more reason to create lasting beauty with the right commercial tree care in South San Jose!