Fruit Tree Management

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Fruit Tree Management

Complete Fruit Tree Management, Year-Round

Fruit tree management by Petalon Landscape Management enables our commercial clients to enjoy the benefits of fruit trees without working to maintain them.

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Fruit trees greatly benefit the environment. They:

  • Clean the air by acting as carbon dioxide filters
  • Provide shade that moderates ambient temperatures
  • Protect from the wind and prevent erosion

Fruit trees also beautify any property and of course can produce delicious crops, year after year.

Keeping a single fruit tree attractive and fertile is a job that requires constant diligence. For more than one tree, the help of the professional arborists at Petalon becomes necessary.

Our program of fruit tree management includes all the services your company needs to maintain healthy trees, including:

  • Cutting back fruit trees when they are dormant removes dead or diseased branches while spurring new, healthy growth. Young trees, especially, should be pruned with care. Expert pruning also helps trees develop a full, lush crown.
  • Planting and fertilizing. Proper planting and spacing gives young fruit trees the best chance to survive. Petalon arborists understand that digging a large hole and planting at the right depth prevents settling and enables roots to spread quickly. Deep root fertilization jump-starts saplings and strengthens trees so they can fight disease.
  • Integrated pest control management. Because IPM uses pesticides as a last resort, we implement biological or control measures, such as traps, to reduce or eliminate infestations. Our organic approach is an important element of Petalon’s fruit tree management for clients.
  • Irrigation plans. Proper watering is just as important for trees as it is for plants, shrubs and flowers. We take into account rainfall, temperature, soil type, and time of year to determine precise irrigation levels for fruit trees.

Petalon Landscape Management offers fruit tree management for Bay Area commercial clients in cities including Fremont, Mountain View, Walnut Creek, Danville, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Palo Alto, Livermore, and Pleasanton.

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If the fruit trees on your property need the attention of professionals, or you are considering planting fruit trees to improve the appearance and value of your property, call 408-453-3998 today.

The Petalon team can design a comprehensive program of fruit tree management to fit the needs and budget of your company.

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