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10 Water Saving Ideas for Your Landscaping

Update Your Water Management Strategies

water saving ideas for landscape

Water management is always a top priority for landscaping in the Bay Area. Our team provides these great ideas to conserve water while hydrating your lawn, trees, and shrubs.

10 Ways to Save More Water in Your Commercial Landscaping

We can help you implement some of these ideas in your landscape maintenance strategy.

  1. Choose the right water delivery schedules. Work with your Petalon landscaping team to prioritize large trees and shrubs during water restrictions. These features form the backbone of your landscape design and are harder to replace than smaller shrubs and flowers.
  2. Choose an efficient delivery method. In periods of low rain, drip irrigation makes every drop count. It sends water where plants and trees need it the most, targeting root systems for maximum benefits. Work with your landscaper to choose from a variety of options, including small sprays or drips. It’s important to minimize spray onto hard surfaces where the water will evaporate quickly. Additionally, we have drought-friendly irrigation solutions for Bay Area properties.
  3. Mornings are the best time to water plants. Set your schedule for the early morning hours to avoid excess evaporation and give your plants a boost for the day. Alternatively, schedule the watering cycle for late afternoon or early evening after the sun has gone down.
  4. Do you really need a big lawn? By filling in some of the lawn with drought-friendly ornamental plants, you can still enjoy a patch of green while minimizing water-hungry grass. For example, consider a mix of ground cover and shrubs as a border around a central, smaller lawn. Check with your lawn pros to choose the right grass to conserve as much water as possible.
  5. Install a meadow. It’s a rather fun, fanciful option that can take the drag out of drought management. Meadows include native or water-friendly plants and a wide variety of them. Your landscape designer can help you decide between a contemporary or traditional look. Special touches such as fairy circles or stone pathways can add to the stylish effect without compromising safety or security.
  6. Trade out your lawn for ground cover. Low-water ground covers typically need much less water than grass. Speak with your Petalon landscaping team to learn more about ground cover that resembles grass. Consider micro clover or woolly thyme as a basis for a more biodiverse lawn.
  7. Create hydro zones. Hydro zones are a method of grouping plants with similar water needs together. It creates specific areas to watch for distress and wilting without requiring the same scrutiny for your entire landscape plan.
  8. Request a soil test. A healthy landscape starts with healthy soil. Our technicians can test the soil for pH (ideal range is 6 to 7), water retention, and healthy drainage. We can treat your soil with compost, mulch, and worm castings to develop a better balance.
  9. Mulch your shrubs, trees, and plants. Mulching is helpful for many reasons, including water retention and preventing weeds, which rob your landscape of precious moisture.
  10. Invest in smart technology. Our team can install smart controllers, automatic rain shut-off sensors, and other devices that help conserve water on your property.

Petalon’s water wise experts can help you brainstorm additional landscape drought management ideas.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation on any of these 10 water saving ideas for your landscaping in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call 408-453-3998 for a quote.

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