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Bay Friendly Landscaping Concepts And Ideas

Bay Friendly Landscaping Concepts and IdeasPetalon Landscape Management’s business approach is based on San Francisco Bay friendly landscaping concepts and ideas.

As a Northern California business, Petalon is in a special position of directly affecting the environment with our landscaping practices. We’re committed to following the Bay Friendly Landscape Scorecard guidelines, which are designed to conserve earth’s resources while protecting the well-being of humans and animals.

Our customers can expect Petalon Landscape Management to follow these Bay friendly landscaping concepts and ideas, derived from the scorecard:

  • Emphasizing native, drought-tolerant plantings. One of the most important services Petalon provides is installation of sustainable landscapes that conserve precious resources, including water. Even with the drought easing in northern California, irrigating responsibly reduces maintenance costs.
  • Recycling of at least 50 percent of the demolition and construction waste. Recycling keeps used concrete, asphalt and other materials out of the landfill. Salvaging existing items such as decks, fences or hard surfaces is also good for the earth and provides materials that can be reused.
  • Providing for the natural growth of plants. A healthy landscape should avoid drastic, time-consuming pruning by allowing plenty of room for trees and plants to grow to a natural size.
  • Refraining from planting invasive species. Plantings that are not native to California use more water, fertilizer and pesticides. Native landscapes are beautiful and require a fraction of the time and maintenance costs.
  • Using weather-based irrigation systems. Another way to save water is installation of smart irrigation systems that don’t operate when it’s raining.
  • Minimizing lawns. An expanse of grass can be lovely, but a drain on resources. Planting ground covers or building hardscapes is a cost-saving alternative to thirsty lawns.

Petalon provides the Bay Area and the communities of San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Foster City and Los Altos with Bay friendly landscaping concepts and ideas.

Bay Friendly Landscaping Concepts and Ideas from Your Local Contractor

Petalon Landscape Management incorporates measures that safeguard the earth in every project, from large-scale renovations of corporate or civic outdoor spaces to small enhancements for retail outlets. Our environmental efforts also save our clients money in the long term.

If you care about the earth, hire a contractor that follows bay friendly landscaping concepts and ideas. Call 408-453-3998 to schedule an appointment with a Petalon Landscape Management customer representative.