San Jose’s Top Resource for Certified Arborists

San Jose’s Top Resource for Certified Arborists

Local Arborists Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful

Commercial tree care involves more than just timely fertilization and watering. Petalon Landscape Management, Inc. works with a network of local, certified arborists in San Jose to deliver meticulous care and attention for your gentle giants. We serve commercial properties across the Bay Area, including in San Jose, Cupertino, Hayward, Gilroy, Sunnyvale, and San Mateo.

Depend on Certified Arborists in San Jose for a Range of Services

Petalon’s commercial tree care services include everything from pest control to tree selection to tree removal. Our comprehensive San Jose arbor care services cover:

  • Tree selection: If you need help picking out native and imported tree species, our tree care professionals can help. Taking the soil, local climate, and other factors into account, we work with you to create an impressive commercial landscape with water-smart trees.
  • Tree planting: With the help of trained and certified arborists, you can choose the perfect spot in which to plant or move trees. Proximity to roads and buildings, the needs of established plants, and many other factors go into this decision.
  • Year round tree care: You can customize your commercial tree care package with services such as trimming, pruning, staking, and deep-root fertilization. We have certified arborists working with our crews to monitor the health of your trees and take a proactive stance on diagnosing and treating one of your property’s most valuable assets.
  • Tree relocation or removal: Hazardous, damaged trees threaten the safety and well-being of employees, tenants, customers, and guests. Using proven techniques and the right equipment, we can cut down and remove trees that can no longer be nursed back to good health.
  • Pest control: Fungus, pests, bugs, and diseases may attack your trees, making it essential to regularly monitor them. We take an Integrated Pest Control Management (IPM) approach to safeguarding your trees against infestation.
  • Stump grinding and removal: Lightning damage, protruding roots, and other safety issues sometimes make it necessary to remove a tree. Removing the unsightly stump after tree removal prevents it from growing back in an inconvenient location.

Contact us online to schedule tree services performed under the guidance and supervision of certified arborists in San Jose. Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 for commercial tree care throughout the Bay Area, including San Jose, Cupertino, Hayward, Gilroy, Sunnyvale, and San Mateo.

Fun Facts: Three Elm Trees that Thrive in San Jose

The Lacebark Chinese Elm does well in San Jose’s urban setting. When grown on the edges of your commercial property, it provides shade to pedestrians and drivers alike. The Danna Spire Columnar Elm has sleek branches and small leaves. Its bright yellow and orange fall foliage transforms your San Jose commercial property into a gorgeous fall landscape. In contrast, the Princeton Elm tree evokes feelings of mid-century decadence.