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Commercial Lawn Care for Fall and Winter

Tips from Our Landscape Maintenance Experts

commercial lawn careHot summer weather, insects, disease and increased foot traffic can take a toll on your grass. To prepare it for the chilly months and the next growing season, follow our recommended commercial lawn care advice for fall and winter.

Fall and Winter Lawn Maintenance Guide

  • Clear the leaves: In addition to making your property look shabby, fallen leaves tend to starve your lawn of sunlight and moisture. Leaving them on the grass could also result in dead spots which will encourage weed growth in spring.
  • Mow to the correct height: As grass can continue to grow until the first frost, it is important to mow regularly and to the right height. Keeping it too long encourages mold and fungi. Cutting it too short, on the other hand, damages the root system.
  • Change the watering schedule: Continue to water as required. Your lawn typically needs around an inch of water every week. Your irrigation schedule will depend on the amount of rain you receive. A rain gauge will help you keep track.
  • Aerate the soil: Fall is the ideal time to aerate your lawn. This loosens the compacted soil, helping your grass roots receive oxygen, water and fall fertilizer in preparation for the growing season. Spring aeration, on the other hand, can increase weed growth.
  • Weed control: Like your grass, weeds also absorb all they can during fall. This makes any weed control treatments more effective and saves you the effort in spring.
  • Feed your lawn: The application of a slow-release fertilizer provides essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots and build strength for the chilly winter months. However, fertilizing at the right time is critical and your lawn care company can help with that.
  • Seed: Spread seed all over the lawn to encourage lush and healthy growth in spring. Be generous around any unhealthy and bare spots.

Timely fall and winter lawn maintenance can make a huge difference come spring. At Petalon, our lawn care specialists remove dead grass, expertly prepare the soil, and patch with sod or reseed to restore your lawn’s healthy appearance.

Count on our full-service commercial landscape management company to ensure your business location is always fresh and inviting. Our weekly gardening and seasonal cleanup programs keep your property looking its very best.

Property owners and managers across the San Jose and East Bay areas, including in Fremont, Milpitas, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin and Danville depend on our proven landscaping solutions and outstanding customer service.

Call 408-453-3998 or contact our landscape management company requesting a quote for commercial lawn care in fall and winter.