Drainage Installation, Maintenance, and Repair in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara

Drainage Installation, Maintenance, and Repair in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara

Drainage Services by Petalon Landscape Management

Don’t let pooling water ruin your landscape. Tackle soggy lawns and flooded paths head on with Petalon Landscape Management, your go-to experts for drainage installation, maintenance, and repair in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. Whether your drainage is insufficient, clogged, or nonexistent, our drainage experts can help you keep your landscape dry and your property safe from water damage.

Drainage Installation

We engineer and install drainage systems that stand the test of time, safeguarding your property from water damage and improving the health of your landscape. Our experts will customize your drainage solution to address the challenges and characteristics of your property.

Commercial properties, corporate campuses, H.O.A. communities, retail complexes, apartments and municipalities count on our experience for installing the following drainage systems:

  • Dry wells: This drainage solution is ideal for lawns that stay waterlogged after heavy rains. With this system, we install a well underneath your landscape to collect water that your soil can’t absorb.
  • French drains: These underground drainage systems act as a stream to move water away from buildings. They are perfect for keeping your foundations dry and preventing structural damage.
  • Bioswales: Bioswales are landscape elements that look like shallow ditches, filled with plants that love water. These plants act as a green sponge, soaking up rainwater, cleaning it, and releasing it slowly into the ground.

Drainage Maintenance

Maintain the peak performance of your system with our comprehensive drainage maintenance services. Our team conducts meticulous inspections, cleaning, and tests to ensure your system operates as intended. Routine maintenance is key to preventing obstructions and extending the lifespan of your investment.

Drainage Repairs

Are you experiencing new issues with pooling water? We excel at swiftly troubleshooting and repairing drainage problems. Using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we work to restore your drainage system’s functionality quickly, minimizing any disruption to your property and routines.

Stellar Services for Drainage Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

For unparalleled expertise in drainage installation, maintenance, and repair, look no further than Petalon Landscape Management. We are committed to ensuring that property owners in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara enjoy lush landscapes year round. With our dedicated team and customer-focused approach, it’s our mission to address all your drainage needs with efficiency and care.

Do you need drainage solutions for your property in Sunnyvale or Santa Clara? Call Petalon Landscape Management at 408-453-3998. Our team specializes in drainage installation, maintenance, and repair. For more information, contact us online.

Petalon’s Service Area Covers Sunnyvale and Santa Clara

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