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Is it Time for Drainage Maintenance…Again?  

Yes! Landscape and Irrigation Experts Say Fall is Ideal

Yard drains control the flow of irrigation and rainwater from your landscape to the sewer system. Pooling around the gutters or standing water on your lawn are clear indications that they need attention. As with the drainage system inside your building, clogged or broken pipes can cause back up, flooding and costly damage outside. Unsightly and unhygienic surroundings will reflect poorly on your business. While you may have done it earlier this year, fall is a good time to get professional drainage maintenance done again.

Leaves, grass clippings, dirt, rocks and even trash will find their way into drains, despite best efforts to keep your commercial property clean. Tree roots are also likely culprits for blocking and damaging the landscape drainage system. Timely cleanup and repair in the fall will help prevent flooding from heavy winter rains. Rather than struggle with breaks and blockages when the weather is cold, plan your drainage maintenance before winter sets in.

Tips to Prepare Your Drainage System for Winter Storms

  • Drainage inspection: Examine the water inlets and outlets on your landscape. Some termination areas may be located on the street or in a basin. Puddles that never dry up are a sure sign of a drainage problem and could result from clogging or a pipe that needs repair. Petalon conducts visual landscape inspections for run-off, water leaks and standing water to help you avoid expensive drain repairs.
  • Clean out the debris: Remove the drain covers and clear out any leaves, trash and debris from the pipe. Run a snaking hose (or auger) to remove dirt and soil. Then, flush the pipes with running water to ensure they are clean. This may be a challenge if the drain branches out in multiple directions. Your landscape maintenance company may be able to help with drain machines or hydro-jetting that clears clogs fast.
  • Repair or replace broken pipes: Older or poor-quality pipes can break because of weather, age, or with pressure from tree roots. From drain pipes, grates and basins to rain gauges and master valves with flow meters, Petalon has you covered. Our irrigation management experts can also help you achieve your water conservation goals.

Count on our full-service commercial landscape management company to help you maintain year-round curb appeal. Our attractive, drought-tolerant landscaping designs, weekly gardening programs, smart irrigation management and landscape drainage solutions keep your property looking its best in every season.

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