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Ideas For Drought Resistant Commercial Landscaping

Exciting Ideas for Drought-Resistant Commercial Landscaping

drought-tolerant-plants-silicon-valleyWith so many ideas for drought-resistant commercial landscaping, California’s lack of rain in recent years is actually proving to be a terrific opportunity for corporations, property managers and public entities.

A professional landscaping contractor can replace thirsty lawns and non-native plants with trees, shrubs, and grasses that require a fraction of the water but bring a special beauty to outdoor areas that will charm pedestrians, customers, employees or tenants.

Tired commercial landscapes throughout California are being re-evaluated and reinvigorated. Low precipitation totals are driving a revolution in landscaping practices that is changing the appearance of commercial properties in our state while conserving water and reducing irrigation costs.

These Ideas for Drought-Resistant Commercial Landscaping Provide Beauty and Save Water

Drought-resistant commercial landscaping techniques include:

  • Installing modern watering systems that employ smart controls to monitor weather conditions, drip irrigation, efficient sprinkler heads and leak detectors. These methods also save money by lowering your water bills:
  • Using native plants. Fescue grasses, all types of succulents and groundcovers such as dymondia or myoporum perform well in commercial applications. Perennials such as vinca add color year after year.
  • Strategic placing and spacing of plants. Overplanting is common in many commercial landscapes. Envisioning how a mature landscape will look is important in preventing an overcrowded look.
  • Installing hardscapes. Graceful sculptures, lawn art, benches, walkways, walls and borders and wet or dry water features are becoming popular on commercial properties. Because hardscaping is durable and distinctive, it’s possible to create signature landscapes that last for years and require little maintenance.
  • Reducing lawns. Expanses of grass require a great deal of water, fertilization, and regular mowing and edging. Replacing even a modest section of lawn with drought-tolerant shrubs and groundcover can result in significant water savings.

Petalon Landscape Management offers drought-resistant landscaping services to commercial customers throughout the Bay Area, including the communities of Fremont, Mountain View, Walnut Creek, Danville, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Palo Alto, Livermore and Pleasanton.

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