Maximize Your Landscaping Budget with Artificial Turf Installation

Maximize Your Landscaping Budget with Artificial Turf Installation

Enjoy Year-Round Beauty with Durable Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is widely used to keep sports fields looking sharp after enduring vigorous use. Artificial turf installation may also make sense for your commercial property. From theme parks to large estates to corporate office complexes, it has its place in a modern landscape management strategy. Made of pliable plastic on flexible backing, artificial turf provides the look and feel of a real lawn but requires little or no maintenance.

Petalon Landscape Management technicians can install, replace, and maintain your synthetic grass to help you avoid some of the challenges that come with planting and caring for lawns.

5 Important Considerations in Artificial Turf Installation

If your commercial lawn shows signs of wear and tear or you don’t want to invest too much time in landscape maintenance, artificial grass might be the right solution for your property.

How do you decide which type of artificial turf to choose? Here are five factors that will help you narrow down the choices:

  1. Choose the best turf density: Learn how to select artificial grass products with high turf density, which means more blades per square inch and a more attractive, durable lawn for your commercial property.
  2. Ensure proper drainage: It’s important to prevent water accumulation that can draw insects and other pests to your property. A well-designed drainage system will increase longevity for your synthetic lawn.
  3. Find the optimal blade height: Shorter blades are better in high-traffic areas, but longer blades provide a more natural look for artificial turf. For overall use, our team recommends a blade height between 1.5 to 2 inches for most commercial properties.
  4. Understand why backing matters: Backing affects the product’s durability and drainage, so make sure the brand you choose has a porous backing to keep water from pooling on your lawn.
  5. Review local regulations: Do you know the local regulations regarding synthetic grass? Our experts do, and we’ll handle the permits and other details that go along with artificial turf installation.

Our team is here to help you consider all the factors influencing your landscaping decisions. And remember, it’s not an all or nothing decision. Our landscape designers can help you create a beautiful lawn with a mixture of real and artificial turf along with other drought-friendly plants and trees.

Contact us online for artificial turf installation to improve your commercial property in San Jose, Campbell, and Cupertino. Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 with all your landscaping questions and concerns.