Commercial Landscape Maintenance Redwood City

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Redwood City

Green-Based Commercial Landscape Maintenance for Redwood City Foster City, Palo Alto

Many responsible property owners and managers in Redwood City, Foster City, and Palo Alto demand commercial landscape maintenance that works in harmony with the earth.

Petalon Landscape Management understands the importance of “green” solutions. Our response to environmentally aware clients is to provide landscaping services focused on conserving the planet’s resources and protecting the health of people.

Although our commercial landscape maintenance clients in Redwood City, Foster City and Palo Alto are located in the generally cool, humid Bay Area Peninsula, they require the same water-saving services as our clients in warmer, drier areas.

Water conservation is essential, regardless of location. Petalon upgrades older, wasteful irrigation systems with modern technology that virtually eliminates water waste while providing clients everywhere with all kinds of tools to better water their landscapes.

We Start with State-Of-The-Art Irrigation Components

Petalon employees are dedicated to delivering earth-friendly commercial landscape maintenance to Redwood City, Foster City and Palo Alto clients. Our services include installing state-of-the-art irrigation components such as:

  • Smart controllers that measure soil and weather conditions to accurately determine how much irrigation is necessary at any one time.
  • Precision sprinklers that cut down on evaporation by releasing larger droplets.
  • Drip irrigation, which slowly releases water into the soil, also reducing evaporation.

Services that are Good for the Environment

Additional green-based services Petalon offers to commercial landscape maintenance clients in Redwood City, Foster City, and Palo Alto:

  • Recycling of green waste. Whenever possible, our staff arranges for the recycling of landscape debris to avoid filling landfills. We also process debris into mulch that we use on clients’ landscapes. 
  • Installing native plants and shrubs. Many species of plants thrive in California’s diverse microclimates while needing little water. Petalon introduces these plants into an existing landscape to reduce the need to irrigate. 
  • Integrated Pest Control. Managing insects and animals that damage landscapes can be accomplished through natural methods. We try to minimize the use of chemicals that poison the soil and groundwater.