San Mateo’s Most Dependable Commercial Landscape Services and Maintenance

San Mateo’s Most Dependable Commercial Landscape Services and Maintenance

Enjoy a Beautiful, Inviting Property with Local Landscapers

The San Mateo area is home to major employers and commercial properties in all shapes and sizes. The ones that stand out and make an impression are premises with gorgeous landscaping. Petalon has the skills, knowledge, and experienced crew to establish a water-smart, manageable landscape design and properly maintain it. To attract customers and quality employees, hire San Mateo’s leading commercial landscape services and maintenance company.  

Petalon Landscape Management can transform your commercial landscape into an urban haven with strong, beautiful plants and trees and green spaces that meet your unique needs. Our professional landscapers will also suggest ways to use minimal water and cultivate a low-maintenance lawn for your HOA, university, business, retail, or other large property in San Mateo. Reach out anytime to learn more about our commercial landscape services.

Which Commercial Landscaping Services Do You Need?

From turf and tree care to irrigation systems, integrated pest management, to artificial turf installation, we’ll help you find practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your San Mateo commercial landscape.

Our services include landscaping, irrigation, and arbor care as well as weekly maintenance:

  • Landscape renovation: Do you want an appealing commercial property? Our experts can add pest-resistant, water-conserving turf, colorful flowers and plants, and seasonal elements to keep your property fresh. We can also add benches, walkways, and other hardscape elements to preserve your property and ensure pedestrian safety.
  • Turf and tree care: Our technicians provide weekly trimming, weeding, aeration, mowing, pest management, fertilization, and pruning. We’ll tailor your commercial landscape maintenance to your specific needs and budget. Do you have high-traffic areas that wear out easily? Consider artificial turf solutions for durable, lasting beauty.
  • Irrigation systems: How old is your irrigation system? Whether you want to update your existing system or install a new, water-saving solution, we can help. We’ll also check for broken nozzles and sprayers and ensure that your irrigation system delivers water efficiently and on schedule to keep your water bill in check.
  • Pest management: Our pest management program protects your trees and plants from harmful pests.
  • Seasonal color design and installation: Vibrant color can highlight your properties best assets. This can increase its overall value and impress visitors. Enhance your San Mateo commercial property’s curb appeal with in-season color. We can help you choose and plant the best flowers, shrubs, and drought-resistant plants.

Contact us online for commercial landscape services and maintenance programs in San Mateo and across the Bay Area. Call Petalon at 408-453-3998.

Choose Local Plants to Ensure Your San Mateo Landscape Thrives!

San Mateo lies on the San Francisco Peninsula, 20 miles south of San Francisco. There are many plants and trees to consider if you want to celebrate native and imported plants that thrive here. The native Douglas iris comes in stunning shades and delights the eye with its unique shape. Coffeeberry, blue elderberry, and redwood sorrel are just a few species that take well to the moderate climate of San Mateo, where temperatures mainly stay between 40 and 60 degrees. Learn more about San Mateo plants and contact our qualified commercial landscapers to help make your property look truly gorgeous in every season.