Commercial Landscape Services in Palo Alto

Commercial Landscape Services in Palo Alto

Create and Maintain Healthy, Green Spaces and Beautiful Hardscapes

Commercial Landscape Services Palo Alto

Whether it is turf care, tree wellness, pest control or irrigation solutions, if you need commercial landscape services for your Palo Alto property, count on the experts at Petalon.

Our team of licensed and experienced professionals specializes in the installation and maintenance of commercial landscapes and hardscapes. We can help you achieve and maintain lush, healthy, and attractive outdoor spaces that increase your property’s value and curb appeal.

Save Time and Money with Our Commercial Landscape Services in Palo Alto

We work with an integrated network of skilled landscapers, water management experts, ISA-certified arborists, and qualified hardscaping professionals. All our specialists collaborate seamlessly to provide a full suite of commercial landscape services for your Palo Alto property.

  • Landscape enhancements: From enhancing the turf areas and installing creative hardscaping elements, to planting seasonal gardens or adding more trees, we restore and renew your outdoor spaces into attractive and functional landscapes.
  • Lawn management: Whether it is mowing, trimming, edging, aeration, thatch removal, weed management, fertilization, or seasonal cleanups, our landscapers provide efficient and affordable lawn care to maintain healthy, green spaces.
  • Tree care: Our full-service arbor care programs address the entire lifecycle of your trees and plants. We offer tree selection, planting, pruning, mulching, staking, timely applications, tree pest control, and tree relocation or removal services.
  • Irrigation and drainage solutions: Our water management specialists can help you  reduce your water bills and shrink your ecological footprint, without compromising your property’s visual appeal. In addition to installing and maintaining smart irrigation and drainage systems, we create drought-resistant landscapes through:
  • Turf reduction, xeriscaping, and planting beautiful water-wise foliage
  • Grading and soil quality amendments to improve drainage, control soil erosion, and reduce stormwater runoff.

Customized Commercial Landscape Services for Palo Alto Properties

At Petalon, we are passionate about maintaining eye-catching, disease-free landscapes that attract and impress. Our knowledgeable professionals study your property’s soil samples and micro-climate to deliver customized commercial landscape services. We cater to the unique needs of every property, while addressing your landscaping goals and budget.

Our award-winning team delivers a range of commercial landscape services to diverse establishments in Palo Alto as well as San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, Dublin, Hayward, Foster City, Fremont and Livermore. This includes HOA communities, corporate and retail premises, municipalities, shopping malls, schools, and more.

Let Petalon’s commercial landscape services in the Palo Alto area help you achieve stunning, water-efficient landscapes. Call 408-453-3998 to schedule a consultation or contact us online.

Often called the ‘Birthplace of Silicon Valley’, Palo Alto sits in the northwest corner of Santa Clara County in the San Francisco Bay Area. The city is home to the world-renowned Stanford University, making it an important hub for cutting-edge technological development. Palo Alto also boasts abundant tree-lined streets and several historic buildings featuring heritage architecture. The city’s vibrant downtown area anchors a blend of commercial and residential properties and creates a charming mix of modern and traditional living. Characteristically protective of their open spaces and parklands, Palo Alto property managers strive to maintain attractive and sustainable commercial landscapes.