Tree Services in San Jose

Tree Services in San Jose

Experienced, Trusted Tree Services in San Jose

Petalon Partners with Local ISA-Certified Arborists for Superior Tree Care

Tree Services in San Jose

Petalon Landscape Management Inc. offers arborist services to promote the health and aesthetics of trees on your commercial property. By teaming up with International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists, our landscaping team delivers the best services for the trees that anchor your landscape design. So, you can count on us for comprehensive tree care in San Jose.

Tree preservation and management services beautify your property and help you get into the spirit of tree conservation embraced by the city. In 2015, San Jose set a goal of planting 100,000 trees by 2022, and residents are still working toward that goal. Organizations such as Our City Forest work to beautify public spaces.

San Jose Tree Maintenance Services

We offer eco-friendly maintenance of the trees, shrubs, and plants at your property in San Jose. Our services include:

  • Water management: Water-saving irrigation systems, soil drainage services, and mulching
  • Fertilization services: Fertilizers support your landscape’s health and vigor when used responsibly
  • Pest control: Environmentally conscious pest control services support the longevity of your trees and shrubs.

Dedicated Tree Care in San Jose

We partner with ISA-certified arborists who have the training and know-how to safely perform the following tree services in San Jose:

  • Tree selection and planting: If you would like assistance choosing trees for your commercial property, you couldn’t pick a better partner. We understand which tree species flourish in every San Jose micro-climate and exactly how large each will grow. Let us help you determine just the right trees for your property.
  • Disease and pest control: Our team will monitor conditions such as stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and the overgrowth of fungi, all of which may indicate that your tree is suffering from pest infestation or disease. We will treat and preserve your trees using environmentally sensitive methods.
  • Tree removal and transplanting: If you require a tree relocated on your property or need us to remove a tree that presents a safety issue, we’ll safely take care of it for you. We can also remove unsightly stumps with stump grinding and stump removal services.

Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 for dedicated tree services in San Jose or contact us online.

San Jose, Where It’s Good to Be a Tree

San Jose is enormously protective of its trees and has dozens of ordinances and policies regarding the protection of these green treasures. The city officials faithfully manage the community forest through a Community Forest Management Plan. Designated heritage trees receive special protection, and you’ll need a special permit to remove them. Embrace the city’s love affair with green space by partnering with Petalon to including native species and drought-friendly trees in your landscaping plan.