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Water Management Ideas for Bay Area Commercial Properties

Water Management Ideas for Bay Area Commercial Properties

Conserve Water with Smart Commercial Landscaping Strategies

drought tolerant plants great for saving water

With many communities in the Bay Area restricting water usage, it’s important to save every possible drop. The team at Petalon has put together these water management ideas for Bay Area commercial properties. We can help you conserve water without sacrificing your lush landscape.

Water Conservation Tips from Veteran Landscapers

Here are the landscape maintenance strategies we employ to cut down on water usage for our commercial clients:

  • Electronic controllers. Irrigation controllers allow you to set your irrigation system to come on at specified times. You can also specify the duration to ensure plants get enough water without wasting a drop.
  • Timing of watering. We can set your irrigation system to turn on in the morning, so plants and trees have plenty of time to absorb the moisture. Watering your plants at night can lead to puddles that cause root rot, insect infestation, and fungal growth. Plants and soil naturally absorb less water at night, so watering after sundown can prove detrimental.
  • Underground and drip systems. Drip systems are easy to install underground, where water won’t evaporate too quickly. These systems drip water just where you need it. You can adapt drip systems to the toughest terrain in the Bay Area — simply install the irrigation system on the surface and cover it with mulch.
  • Don’t water dormant grasses. Some grasses go dormant during hot, dry weather. They will come back when the weather turns wet and cool. You can conserve water by letting them remain dormant instead of watering them year-round. Dormant grasses include Kentucky bluegrass and Ryegrass.
  • Watch for runoff, broken heads, and hoses. Avoid applying water faster than it can soak into the soil. Leaks from broken heads and hoses can also waste water.

Petalon’s landscapers can help you create colorful, drought-tolerant landscapes using native and low-water plants. It’s also important to repair or replace your outdated irrigation system, which can help save money on your water bill.

Water Management Suggestions from the EPA

According to the EPA, grouping plants by the amount of water they use and limiting the amount of grass on your commercial property can also save a lot of water. By hiring professionals such as the experienced landscapers at Petalon, you can gradually improve the quality of your soil, which increases water retention and helps you maintain a lush landscape.

Our landscape designs include climate-appropriate plant selection. Regular landscape maintenance services such as pruning can save water and keep your property looking well-groomed. We also offer comprehensive irrigation management.

Contact Petalon today to request a water-saving evaluation or to learn more water management ideas for Bay Area commercial properties. Call 408-453-3998 to get a quote for your property in the SF Bay Area, including Pleasanton, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Redwood City, Hayward, Morgan Hill, and Gilroy.

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