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Water Management Techniques for 2018

Top Water Management Techniques for 2018

Save Water, Save Money 

Water Management Techniques for 2018According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using native and drought-tolerant plants for landscaping can significantly reduce your water usage. Proper timing of irrigation controllers, converting from spray to drip systems and using mulch in your planter beds can also greatly improve your landscape’s water efficiency. To follow local water-use restrictions and avoid fines, our Bay Area irrigation experts recommend the following water management techniques for 2018.

Tips to Achieve Your Water Management Goals

  1. Plan your landscape wisely: Water-smart landscaping and irrigation management can help boost your conservation efforts. Always develop your landscape plan before designing the irrigation system. Divide your landscape into water-use zones. Select plants according to their water needs. Replace regular grass with a low-water-use varieties. Space plants keeping in mind their size when fully grown, to reduce competition for water.
  2. Consider drought-tolerant landscaping: A xeriscape garden uses little water and can be just as stunning as a regular landscape. It involves keeping turf areas to the minimum and selecting water-saving (or drought-tolerant) plants that are suitable for your climate. For example, Manzanita, Milkweed, the Western Redbud and Pipestem Clematis need very little supplemental water and add beauty to your garden.
  3. Switch to drip irrigation: Traditional sprinkler systems lead to over-watering and wastage. A drip system, on the other hand, delivers a controlled amount of water just where it is required. This allows you to be sparing with native and water-wise plants and provide more water to the plants that need it. By switching to soaker hoses and microsprays, you can extend watering times for plants while preventing soil erosion and nutrient runoff. High-efficiency “heavy-droplet” sprinkler nozzles that direct more water to the roots of plants and grass are also a water-efficient option.
  4. Conduct regular water controller audits and maintenance: Routine monitoring, maintenance and repairs of irrigation systems will prevent landscape damage and water wastage. An annual review of your irrigation system can help reduce water loss throughout the year.

Water Management with Drought-Tolerant Landscaping and Irrigation

Water conservation is the foundation of Bay Area landscaping today. With drought-tolerant landscaping and proper irrigation management, your savings can total 30 percent or more. The Petalon team provides comprehensive services for drought-resistant landscaping and irrigation system design and installation. You can recoup your initial investment through significant savings on water use every year.

Owners and property managers across Northern California including those in San Jose, Fremont, Milpitas, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto/East Bay, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, and Danville, CA enjoy the benefits of our proven water management practices.

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