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An Overview of What Commercial Landscape Services Mean to Us

What they Mean to YOU: Maximum Visual Impact, Minimal Maintenance!

commercial landscaping

When customers ask what we do and how we do it, we like to start with explaining what commercial landscape services mean to us. Of course, we offer a comprehensive range of services at competitive prices, but our team goes beyond just getting the job done. The reason we always do a quality job is because we start with an understanding of how your property is used. Our team will ask pertinent questions, such as:

  • Is there a high volume of traffic?
  • Are you aiming to improve sales with an impressive property that attracts potential customers?
  • Do you want to provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for staff that helps to boost productivity?
  • Is comfort, convenience and safety a primary concern for your apartment complexes and condominiums?

Then, armed with this essential information, we assess the current state of your property to plan for improvements in plants and trees, plant health, watering schedules, soil quality, and overall landscape maintenance. Our team will present you with a plan that not only meets your budget but also delivers the greatest impact for seasonality, efficiency in maintenance tasks and water usage. We want your commercial landscape to be a statement of enjoyment and pride without tedious and expensive maintenance.    

Our 3-Step Process to High Quality Commercial Landscapes

Petalon’s experienced landscape management specialists, skilled water management technicians, and integrated network of ISA-certified arborists collectively provide the best in commercial landscaping:

  • Property review: When we first visit your commercial property, our goal is to understand how, and for what purposes you use your outdoor spaces.
  • What kind of pedestrian and vehicular traffic does this area experience?
  • If you are an HOA or retail complex, does your landscape play a critical role in promoting or improving your residential or commercial unit sales?
  • If you are a school, university or corporate campus, do the occupants of your premises use this area for mealtimes, taking walks, studying, or working outdoors?

Knowing the answers to such questions helps us determine the accessibility, shade, and safety aspects, and other nuances related to your commercial landscape.

  • Landscape assessment: Next, we assess the state of your existing landscape:
  • What type of trees, plants, or shrubs do you have?
  • What are the health, watering, soil and maintenance requirements of the current landscape?
  • Does your landscape feature drought-resistant plants and trees?
  • Do you have smart irrigation facilities in place?
  • Landscape Plan: Lastly, we generate a customized commercial landscape maintenance plan, in keeping with:
  • The short-term and long-term needs of your trees and plants
  • Your landscaping goals and requirements
  • Your allocated budget

Whether you want us to carry out basic landscape maintenance, bring new life to your green spaces by installing new plants and trees, or add new features to enhance your landscape, we plan and implement services that address your goals and stay within your budget.

Commercial property owners and managers across the Bay Area, including the Tri-Valley area, Dublin, San Ramon, San Mateo, Walnut Creek, and Santa Clara, CA rely on us for our customer-friendly services.

Contact us online for a quote or call 408-453-3998 to know more about what commercial landscape services mean to us and how they can benefit you.