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Preserve Your San Jose Landscape with Drainage Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Prevent Soil Erosion and Water Waste with Proper Drainage

The integrity and appeal of your commercial landscape depends on a few key factors, including drainage. Without proper drainage, water can pool in low spots on your commercial property. Excess water threatens the health of your trees, flowering plants, shrubs, and grass. Even worse, it can cause cracks in your foundation, resulting in structural damage to your commercial building in San Jose. With timely, professional drainage installation, maintenance, and repair, you can minimize flooding, soil erosion and other problems associated with faulty or missing drain systems.      

When the existing drainage is insufficient or clogged, it will not only diminish the attractiveness of your landscaping, walkways, and parking lots, but it can also be a safety risk. Petalon Landscape Management will inspect, repair, or clean your drainage system in San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, Cupertino, Campbell, or Morgan Hill. We can also install a new drainage system if your property does not currently have one in place.

Why You Need a Dependable Drainage Solution

Petalon’s drainage installation and repair services resolve or prevent problems with excess water without leaching away the moisture needed for a thriving landscape. Here are some of the reasons you should consider installing a new drainage system or repairing your current one:

  • Eliminate swampy areas. Without the right drainage system, water can flood your yard, creating swampy areas. In higher elevation areas, you can end up with dry soil, which cannot effectively nourish your lawn and landscaping. Alternatively, in low areas you risk root rot and unhealthy puddles that attract pests. Our irrigation system and drainage installation, repair, and maintenance services ensure your grounds remain vibrant without wasting water. You can also ask our landscaping professionals about integrated pest management if you see signs of an infestation.
  • Keep plants, flowers, trees, and grass well-hydrated. Proper drainage prevents soil oversaturation during the rainy season. Good drainage provides essential oxygen to root systems that support your landscaping.
  • Prevent health concerns. Mosquitoes and bacteria thrive in wet conditions. Petalon’s landscapers inspect and maintain your drainage system or create suitable new solutions for you.
  • Protect your commercial buildings. Petalon’s engineers construct drainage systems that divert water away from buildings and other structures, preventing foundation damage and flooding.
  • Enjoy your lawn. Customers, employees, students, tenants, and others can walk confidently on your property without stepping into mushy areas.

Drainage Systems for Commercial Properties

Here are a few types of drainage systems we can install to divert water as needed:

  • Dry well: An underground reservoir accumulates water runoff during excessively rainy conditions. The dry well reintroduces the water slowly via porous siding.
  • French drain: A French drain can eliminate pools of water in low-lying areas. It redirects water away from buildings and low-lying areas. Perforated piping and filter fabric are the perfect materials to prevent flooded plant beds and turf.
  • Bioswales: We can construct flower and plant beds with the right soil, gravel, and plants needed to absorb and utilize stormwater.

Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 or contact us online for drainage installation, repair, and maintenance in San Jose. We provide lawn and irrigation drainage solutions for commercial customers in San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, Cupertino, Campbell, and Morgan Hill.

San Jose

The San Jose Hills form an iconic feature that tells the geological history of Southern California. The San Gabriel Mountains Transverse ranges formed when the Pacific and North American tectonic plates collided a billion years ago. The resulting hilly topography makes it a challenge to install drainage installation equipment for commercial landscapes. Additionally, sparse rainfall from May to October makes it important to ensure your drainage solution doesn’t remove all the water your plants, trees, and grass need to survive. Choosing a local provider with a history of flawless drainage installation, maintenance, and repair can help ensure you strike the right balance for a thriving commercial landscape.