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Estate Landscaping Care – Best Practices

Estate Landscaping Care Requires Experience and Skill  

Follow these Best Practices and Maintain Beautiful Grounds

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As managers or owners of large properties, your estate landscaping care needs to differ from residential premises. The extensive acreage, water supply needs, drainage systems and pest management issues pose challenges that are large in scale as well as complexity. Moreover, your estate grounds may feature unique or expensive trees or plants, or varying terrains that need a focused approach for care and maintenance. Hire experienced commercial landscapers who are knowledgeable in estate landscaping care best practices.

At Petalon Landscape Management, we serve a large and diverse client base and understand the unique needs and challenges of large properties and estates. Read on to learn more about estate landscaping from our experts.

Insights into Estate Landscaping Care Best Practices

When it comes to large estates, you want to simplify landscaping care activities and minimize costs without compromising curb appeal. Efficiently managed estates achieve these objectives by adopting several integrated measures.

  • Lawn Care: Invest in quality turf care services, including weekly, monthly and seasonal care. From seeding, mowing, edging and trimming, to fertilization, weed control, thatch removal and aeration, Petalon offers comprehensive lawn care packages.
  • Arbor Care: Protect the health and beauty of the trees on your estate through an annual maintenance program that includes regular pruning, trimming, fertilization and crown control. Our expert arborists consider your neighborhood micro-climate, heat conditions, growing seasons and the specific trees on your property, while planning and overseeing all aspects of tree care.
  • Drought Solutions: More and more estates are adopting sustainable landscaping by:
    • Selecting drought-tolerant plants, trees and groundcover, creating xeriscapes that sustain on available rain water
    • Installing smart irrigation systems with timers or sensor-activated watering, ET-based controllers, reclaimed water solutions, and efficient drainage systems
  • Pest Management: Many estate managers integrate pest management with plant health plans by:
    • Selecting pest and disease-resistant plant varieties
    • Maintaining the soil quality and health for better plant nutrition
    • Altering the micro-environment by preserving and nourishing pest-controlling and soil-enhancing organisms.

To adopt current best practices in estate landscaping care, count on the experienced commercial landscapers at Petalon. We transform landscapes to make them drought resistant and reduce maintenance costs and efforts. In addition to routine lawn care, tree care and pest control services, we specialize in installing smart irrigation systems.

As an award-winning commercial landscaper, we have successfully partnered with several estates in Santa Clara County, including Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Mountain View, Redwood City and Palo Alto.

For design, installation and maintenance of beautiful cost-effective estate landscapes, trust the experienced team at Petalon Landscape Management. Speak to one of our experts at 408-453-3998 or contact us online for a quote.

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