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Integrate Pest Control With Plant Health Plans

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commercial landscape maintainance Plant health care and pest management go hand-in-hand. Based on an understanding of the ecosystem surrounding your garden, they involve using natural solutions to develop your landscape’s resistance to pests and disease. The greatest benefit of practicing this green approach is year-round curb appeal at a significantly lower cost. Here are some tips on how to integrate pest control with plant health plans.

Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Tips for Commercial Properties

  • Choosing plants for your property: The first step for creating a vibrant landscape is selecting disease and pest-resistant varieties that will thrive on your property. The right plants in the right place encourage natural adaptation and healthy growth. Maintenance or control options will not compensate for site conditions if plants do not adapt suitably.
  • Maintain soil health: The healthier your soil, the more nourishment it will give your plants. Soil quality is essential to holding water, transporting nutrients and maintaining organisms that are beneficial to plant growth.
  • Minimize environmental and nutritional stress: Holistic plant health care is all about being proactive rather than reactive. The right nutrients, pruning methods and watering techniques strengthen plants by stimulating their natural defense systems. Equally important is managing destructive pests such as moles, slugs, aphids, weevils, wasps, even deer and certain birds to prevent plant damage. With periodic inspections, pruning, soil management and natural corrective treatments by trained professionals, you can keep your commercial landscape pest-free.
  • Maximize the effects of beneficial organisms: Altering the microenvironment to create less favorable growing conditions for pests works better than trying to suppress existing pests. Knowing and sustaining organisms that control pests, enhance soil quality and improve plant health offers a natural and less expensive way to maintain your commercial landscape. 

Rely on our integrated pest management services to resolve your plant health issues. You can avoid using expensive chemical treatments that pollute water sources and upset the ecological balance. Clients love our cost-effective sustainable landscaping programs which produce great results with minimal impact on the ecology, community and maintenance budget.

Property owners, developers and managers across the San Jose and East Bay areas, including in Fremont, Milpitas, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin and Danville depend on our sustainable landscape management services.

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