Artificial Grass Installation Will Enhance Your Bay Area Property

Artificial Grass Installation Will Enhance Your Bay Area Property

Brighten Up Bare Spots and Save Water!

In the 60s, artificial grass was used to make stadiums look pretty for spectators and TV viewers. Over the years, new materials and manufacturing processes have revolutionized the array of available styles, colors, and indoor and outdoor applications. Now, there are countless ways to use artificial grass to make your commercial property more attractive. Work with Petalon Landscape Management for experienced artificial grass installation in the Bay Area, including San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, Cupertino, Campbell, and Morgan Hill.

Artificial Grass –Where to Use It

Constructed of plastic fibers or yarn woven into a strong backing, artificial grass works well in areas where it’s difficult to maintain natural turf, such as:

  • Gravelly soil: This type of soil doesn’t support natural grass well, but you can keep these areas inviting and green with artificial grass.
  • Pet areas: Does the apartment building, HOA, or local park you own or manage have a dog park or other dedicated pet area? Artificial grass made of durable, yet natural-looking synthetic fibers, stands up well against pet feces and urine, and cleans off easily.
  • Runoff areas: Stormwater sometimes strips the soil and makes it tough to grow natural grass in runoff areas. Artificial turf can help prevent further erosion and keep fertilizer and other contaminants from ending up in waterways.

Petalon Landscape Management provides consultations and artificial grass installation for property owners looking for innovative commercial landscape services in the Bay Area.

How Can You Use Artificial Grass on Your Commercial Property?

From car dealerships to apartment buildings, there are many applications for artificial grass in the Bay Area. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • HOAs: Many homeowners associations have rules that favor natural grass. That’s understandable, but the rules should also take exceptions into account. On patios, outdoor seating areas, and areas where it’s difficult to grow natural turf, artificial grass is a great solution.
  • Apartments: From balconies to high-traffic common areas, artificial grass is a natural fit for apartment buildings. Use it to decorate around the pool and to make it easy to clean the areas where pets play and do their business!
  • Building complexes: If you own or manage a multi-building complex, you know that there are indoor and outdoor areas that pose a flooring or landscaping challenge. Consider artificial turf for courtyards and shady areas where natural turf has failed to thrive.
  • Car dealerships and retail spaces: Create an inviting space in the showroom or on the lot with no-water, attractive artificial grass. You can bring the outdoors inside without the maintenance by using artificial grass in your retail displays and flooring designs.

TIP: Did you know that conserving water may help you earn a water saving rebate in the Bay Area?

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Commercial Properties

Many property owners and managers are very happy with their artificial grass installations because the options available now can easily pass for natural grass at first glance. Are you ready to rip out your grass and start over? Here are a few benefits of choosing artificial grass as a replacement:

  • Water conservation: Drought-friendly landscaping brings both social and money-saving benefits. Include artificial grass in your landscaping strategy and you may even qualify for a water-saving rebate.
  • Non-toxic: Fertilizers and weedkillers make natural grass look great, but they leave behind toxic chemicals that can harm kids and pets. With artificial grass, that’s not an issue and it won’t trigger allergies either.
  • Green up ugly patches: Create soft, even surfaces for your tenants, customers, or club members to walk on. Turn bare spots into attractive spaces with the right artificial grass for your commercial property.

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