Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in the Bay Area

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in the Bay Area

Landscape Specialists Serving Pleasanton, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, South County, and Walnut Creek

Are you looking for ways to improve the outdoor appeal of your commercial property? Petalon Landscape Management is here to help. We provide lawn care services designed to keep your grounds lush, inviting, and memorable for clients and visitors. Versatile and customizable, our offerings cater to the diverse needs of businesses, corporations, homeowners’ associations, and more.

Trusted Commercial Lawn Care Services

Petalon Landscape Management is dedicated to keeping your lawn, trees, and grounds vibrant year-round. We understand that maintaining a green landscape reflects on your property, so we take great care to ensure it receives the treatment it needs to stay healthy and attractive. Learn more about our commercial lawn care services.

Lawn Care for Spring and Winter

Our lawn care specialists can keep your grounds pristine throughout every season. From regular mowing and fertilization to seasonal cleanups and aeration, our seasonal maintenance plans ensure your green spaces stay healthy regardless of weather conditions. Find out more about our spring and winter lawn care services.

Large Lawn Maintenance

Do you have expansive grounds around your commercial property? Our landscape management strategies can help you minimize water consumption with advanced irrigation technology, efficient sprinkler heads, and smart controllers. We can even replace your turf with a drought-tolerant variety. Discover more about our lawn care services for large lawns.

When is the Best Time to Replace Grass?

Struggling with bare spots, scorched patches, or relentless weeds? We can help you revitalize your landscape with solutions that cater to your soil quality and water conservation goals. Explore our grass replacement services to get started on your low-maintenance landscape makeover.

Your search for commercial lawn care services in Pleasanton, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, South County, and Walnut Creek ends here. Call Petalon Landscape Management, Inc. at 408-453-3998. To learn more about our services, contact us online.