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Summer Is Time For Drainage Maintenance and Repairs

seasonal-flower-plantings-fremont-caAfter heavy rainfall in the winter and early spring, it’s time to prepare for and take advantage of those hotter, drier days. Summer is the season for drainage maintenance and repairs by your landscaping pro.

Proper drainage is critically important to a landscape. A lack of drainage results in standing water or soggy spots in lawns or flowerbeds. Excessive drainage leaves other areas dry and often results in serious erosion issues.

Petalon Landscape Management makes drainage a priority when installing new landscapes or renovating existing ones. Often, a landscape with areas in which grass, flowers or plants don’t thrive can be revived simply by fixing common drainage problems.

Regular drainage maintenance and repairs will eliminate areas that are too wet or too dry. Landscapes with good drainage have a pleasing, uniform appearance because all the plants, flowers and shrubs consistently retain the right amount of moisture needed to grow.

We Fix Drainage Problems of All Types

Routine drainage maintenance is wise policy for businesses, condominium complexes, HOAs and government entities that care about the appearance of their property. The best way to be certain small drainage problems don’t turn into costly ones is to have a landscaping professional periodically check the drainage after irrigation or rain, then make the necessary adjustments.

When significant drainage issues develop, major repairs are often required. In those cases, a Petalon Landscape Management professional inspects the entire landscape thoroughly to assess the extent of the problem.

Various repairs may be required, depending on the issue, including:

  • Re-grading an area. This may involve creating a swale to better accommodate runoff and control incidental erosion.
  • Installing drain tiles. Perforated pipes are buried underground to draw away excess water, sometimes to a catch basin. French drains, which are gravel-filled trenches, are another way of redirecting water.
  • Reconfiguring irrigation systems. A sprinkler layout that leads to poor drainage is easy to fix, quickly and inexpensively.

Petalon Landscape Management is a full-service Bay Area contractor for commercial properties in the cities of Fremont, Mountain View, Walnut Creek, Danville, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Palo Alto, Livermore, and Pleasanton.

If you have problem areas on your property, call 408-453-3998 today, or contact us online to request a quote, because summer is the time for drainage maintenance and repairs.