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Top 5 Reasons: Why It Is Important to Consider Using Integrated Pest Management

Protect Your Landscape Against Pests and Disease with IPM

You want to protect your commercial landscape from damage due to insects and pests. Keeping your lawns, trees, shrubs, and seasonal flowering plants healthy, pest-free, and attractive will add charm and value to your property. While this is the number one reason why it is important to consider using integrated pest management (IPM), there are many other advantages of taking this comprehensive approach to pest control.

Learn Why Bay Area Commercial Properties Choose Integrated Pest Management

Petalon Landscape Management, Inc. offers pest evaluation and control to customers throughout the Bay Area. Here’s why it is important to consider using integrated pest management for your commercial landscape.

1. Pests and disease affect the life of your flora. Boring, defoliating, sucking, and disease-carrying pests can make your trees and plants sick and potentially dangerous to people and the environment. Our landscaping pros can spot the negative impacts of unwanted pests and take the right steps to preserve your landscape.

Here are some of the common insects that can damage your greenery:

  • Boring insects: These bugs damage tree bark and heartwood. Common examples include bark beetles and carpenter ants.
  • Defoliating insects: Insects like sawfly larvae and caterpillars feed on the leaves of trees and shrubs, damaging them.
  • Sucking insects: Scale insects and aphids suck the sap out of your plants, robbing them of nutrients and moisture.
  • Disease-carrying insects: Dutch elm disease, carried by the elm bark beetle, is one example of a disease carried by pests.

2. Chemicals used to treat pests can be harmful. Seasonal use of pesticides is often unnecessary and causes harm to people and the environment. IPM uses physical and mechanical pest control methods, biological controls, and minimally toxic products only when essential, rather than simply spraying according to a calendar schedule.

3. Increasingly, IPM is mandated by government agencies. With environmental protection in mind, governments at local, state, and federal levels are working towards more natural ways to control pests, and often mandating the use of IPM. It becomes incumbent upon landscaping service providers to educate customers about why it is important to consider using integrated pest management.

4. Property owners and managers want it! The efficacy, affordability, and eco-friendliness of IPM makes it a popular choice for Bay Area property owners and managers. At Petalon, we are happy to see that more customers are asking us about integrated pest management as part of their landscape maintenance contracts.

5. More than just chemicals. By depending on a qualified IPM service provider, you will ensure that your commercial landscape gets much more than a generous dose of toxic chemicals! Our experienced team at Petalon works with local ISA-Certified arborists to deliver the right attention, meticulous care, applying natural, proven techniques to keep your property safe from pests and diseases.

Benefits of Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management protects the natural enemies of harmful pests. It also minimizes the use of toxic chemicals that can make some people sick, so this widely adopted approach can preserve your plants naturally. IPM provides a long-term solution to pest control, which is why it is important to consider using integrated pest management for your commercial property.

According to the EPA, IPM is an eco-friendly approach to pest control. It takes advantage of understanding the lifecycles of pests to minimize hazards to trees and plants.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss why it is important to consider using integrated pest management for your commercial property. Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 for assistance in getting destructive and disease-carrying pests under control.