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2020 Planning Ideas for Commercial Properties

Smart Planning Ideas for Commercial Properties in 2020

Stunning Landscapes with Reduced Maintenance Costs

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Have you set new budgets and drawn up fresh plans for 2020 for your commercial property? What are your key landscaping or hardscaping objectives for the New Year? Do you want to enhance visual appeal, or decrease maintenance expenses, or both? Petalon’s landscape management specialists can help you check off every item on your wish list. From minor touch ups to major overhauls, we offer smart planning ideas for commercial properties in 2020.

Meet Your Landscaping Goals with Petalon’s Affordable Services

At Petalon, we understand that every commercial property has unique needs and will focus on different goals each year, such as:

  • Enhanced beautification of the green spaces on your property
  • Health and wellness of the trees on your property
  • Optimization of maintenance costs and efforts
  • Better flow and movement of people and vehicles within the property
  • Reduction of your ecological footprint

Depending on your primary goals, consider adding one or more of these on your 2020 wish list.

  • Smart water management: Seasonal irrigation tune-ups will take care of any leaks and drips that may be ballooning your water bills. For long-term reduction in maintenance costs and efforts, consider investing in smart irrigation systems and drought-tolerant landscaping. We specialize in the latest water management techniques, including xeriscaping, green waste recycling, and reduced use of pesticides and fertilizers to help you meet your green goals.
  • Schedule drainage evaluation twice a year: Seasonal wear and tear can cause a number of issues in your drainage system. Whether it is soil compaction, grading issues, broken or leaking drain pipes or clogged downspouts, a routine drainage maintenance service will help you identify potential problems. Our crew meticulously inspects all aspects of drainage and provides timely solutions to help you avoid costly repairs.
  • Invest in seasonal flower planting: Eager to add new life to your seasonal landscape? We can help you plant new varieties of annuals this year. If you are considering a complete makeover for the flower beds, we can get rid of the old perennials and update the look of your property. Our trusted network of ISA-certified arborists consider the climate, soil type, theme, layout, shading and drought tolerance to choose plants that best suit your landscape.
  • Enhance your hardscaping elements: Is your existing walkway looking worn or weather beaten? Do you want to create a new walkway or driveway to redirect pedestrian or vehicular traffic on your property? We are full-service hardscaping contractors with expertise in creating and repairing retaining walls, patios, walkways, driveways, and more.
  • Choose top quality arbor care: From tree selection, planting and pruning, to integrated pest management, deep root fertilization, and tree and stump removal; sign up for our comprehensive arbor care services. Protect the health and beauty of your trees to maintain the appeal and value of your commercial property.  

At Petalon, we have the knowledge, skills, experience, and technology for successfully catering to your commercial landscaping, hardscaping and arbor care requirements. As an award-winning commercial landscaper, we provide prompt and affordable services to a range of properties across the Bay Area. This includes municipalities, HOA communities, corporate campuses, shopping centers, retail complexes, and estates.

Looking for more planning ideas for your commercial property in the New Year? Call us at 408-453-3998 or contact us online to know how we can help improve your outdoor spaces in 2020 and beyond.

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