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Commercial and HOA Property Spring Landscape Maintenance

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Seasonal Facelifts by Landscaping Experts in Santa Clara County 

After taking a beating in the cool, damp, Californian winters, every commercial or HOA property requires a thorough spring landscape maintenance service. Whether it is restoring storm-damaged trees, repairing worn sprinkler systems, or treatment for tree diseases, your outdoor spaces may need attention at multiple levels. The landscape management specialists at Petalon can help you check off every item on your seasonal property maintenance list.

Spring Landscape Maintenance Services for a Clean, Attractive Property

Preparing your outdoor areas for the growing season requires a comprehensive understanding of the turf, trees, hardscaping elements and irrigation system. Use your landscaping budget wisely and effectively by hiring our team of arbor care experts, water management specialists, landscapers, and hardscaping experts.

Arbor care: ISA-certified arborists perform a number springtime activities:

  • Accurate assessment of the condition of the trees and plants on your property, along with expert recommendations for promoting their health and growth. This may also include appropriate treatments for tackling pests, diseases and slug prevention.
  • Routine maintenance services, including pruning, trimming, mulching, staking, and application of nutrient-rich, slow-release fertilizers. Tree experts also use specialized pruning techniques for branches with storm or frost damage, or to address potentially uneven or gangly growth.
  • Removal of dead or sick plants and trees, and replanting new ones, including drought-tolerant varieties. Our tree care professionals study several factors, including sun, shade, moisture and spacing, while adding new trees and plants. They also consider other unique aspects of your property to ensure visibility, accessibility, and safe movement of humans, pets and traffic.
  • Lawn care: A general cleanup of your landscape including removal of dried leaves, fallen limbs, and other trash and debris accumulated over the previous season. Lawn care professionals also identify dormant or shallow grass or plant roots, and repair or replace those spots with new turf or other landscape enhancements.
  • Hardscape enhancements: Spring is an excellent time to review the condition of the hardscaping elements that prevent erosion, improve drainage and enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal. This includes repairs or installation of walkways, borders, retaining walls, decorative elements, pavers and other such hardscapes.
  • Irrigation system maintenance: Mid-season irrigation system tune-ups ensure a vibrant, healthy landscape, while also reducing your energy consumption and water bills. Spring is the ideal time to bring in the water management experts for repairs or replacement of broken sprinkler heads, leaky pipes or other damaged components. This is also a great opportunity to invest in an electronic water management system or switch to a low-drip or low-flow irrigation system.

The Bay Area’s One-Stop Shop for Landscape Management Services

At Petalon, we work with an integrated network of landscapers, ISA-certified arborists, and water management experts, all under one roof. Combining their skills, knowledge and experience, we provide a comprehensive range of year-round landscape management services. Our goal is to help commercial property owners, managers and developers achieve and maintain attractive, beautiful and cost-effective landscapes.

Commercial and HOA properties across the Bay Area consider us their one-stop shop for customized and budget-friendly landscape maintenance services. We serve properties in San Jose, Dublin, Hayward, Foster City, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Fremont, Livermore, and Santa Clara, CA.

Contact us online for a quote or call 408-453-3998 to discuss your commercial or HOA property’s spring landscape maintenance requirements.

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