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Professional Seasonal Flower Planting Services

Maintain a Colorful Commercial Landscape All Year

While many commercial building structures tend to have a similar look, great landscape design can make a property stand out. Our landscapers will work with you to design a plan for planting seasonal flowers around your commercial space, and help you maintain them through the seasons. Learn more about the movement toward low-water plantings, smart irrigation systems, attractive planters, convenient walkways, and other trends that will help your commercial property look inviting and welcoming all year round. Start now and spruce up your commercial landscape with seasonal flower planting.

Flowers for Every Season — With the Right Care and Attention

Early spring seasonal flower plantings may include snapdragons, pansies, phlox, and alyssum, to name just a few. Meanwhile, late spring brings wildflowers, such as poppies and godetias. Petunias, verbena, portulaca, and salvias also come to life as summer nears. Summer blooms such as zinnias also do well in the Bay Area.

Winter weather grows chill and may seem dull, but viola, primula, and African daisy plants do well and bring color to your commercial landscape. Trust your seasonal flower planting to Petalon’s experienced landscapers.

Trends to Conserve Water and Layer Your Flower Plantings

Stay on trend with the latest movements toward water conservation. Here are some tips to get you started with planting flowers that are low maintenance and need less watering:

  • Low water native flowers: Many flowers you may see throughout the Bay Area come from far away. Native species, however, have had centuries to adapt to cyclical droughts in the area. Consider these California native flowers when planning your commercial landscape:
    • Channel Island Bush Poppy
    • California Yarrow
    • Palmer’s Indian Mallow
    • Apricot Mallow
    • Lupine
    • Point Sal Purple Sage
  • Improved irrigation techniques: As a Bay Friendly Qualified company, Petalon offers eco-friendly irrigation solutions to area businesses and organizations. Our advanced irrigation management techniques incorporate rain gauges, ET controllers, master valves with flow meters, and water budgets to meet local restrictions.
  • Planters: Our exterior services include installing and seasonally replacing urban planters. These planters contain flower growth, minimize water usage, and give you easy access to colorful flowers all year long.
  • Walkways: Hardscapes such as walking paths and stepping stones lined with flowers minimize lawn care and watering. They also provide a glorious pop of color for employees, tenants, guests, and customers.
  • Retail areas: Follow the trend upward in seasonal flower planting by using trellises, planters, and other tools to maximize space. It’s also an effective way to attract the attention of customers.

Seasonal Flower Planting Tips

  • January-February: Plant cool weather blooms like pansy, primula, and calendula. You can also engage our landscapers to prune back butterfly bushes, salvias, penstemons, and your perennial shrubs.
  • April-May: We can plant your summer annuals, such as marigolds, petunias, cosmos, and sunflowers. It’s also time to plant summer-blooming bulbs, including dahlias, callas, and gladiolas. This is a great time to call our team in to check your irrigation system to make sure it’s in working order.
  • June-July: Fertilize, deadhead, and water flowers to maintain bright blooms. We check for weeds, pests, and diseases as part of Petalon’s flower planting services.

Petalon Landscape Management Inc. provides seasonal flower planting services in the entire SF Bay Area, including East Bay, South Bay, and the San Francisco Peninsula. Call 408-453-3998 or contact us online to find out how to keep your commercial property colorful in every season.