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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Artificial Grass

Enjoy Softer, Safer, and More Sanitary Surfaces with Less Maintenance

Many commercial property owners and managers are switching to artificial grass to save money, cut back on maintenance, and keep their properties green all year. Office buildings, apartment complexes, retail strip malls, schools, and HOAs can enjoy the look and feel of artificial turf. Learn more about why you should make the switch to artificial grass for your property.

Benefits of Installing Durable, Versatile Artificial Turf

For a variety of reasons explained below, artificial grass can be better than natural grass. Let our artificial turf pros help you select the right brand, length, and color to blend into your commercial spaces.

Petalon Landscape Management, Inc. has completed artificial turf installations all over the Bay Area.

Here are the key reasons our customers are glad they chose synthetic grass in high-traffic and difficult to maintain areas:

  1. Conserves water: It can cost hundreds of dollars to water your lawn. If you irrigate your property, a lot of the moisture is lost to runoff and evaporation. While there are many ways to conserve water with smart irrigation systems, artificial turf eliminates the problem altogether.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Besides saving water, artificial grass can protect the environment in other ways. Unlike real grass, artificial turf doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides to thrive. Keeping these chemicals out of nearby streams and ponds has a positive impact on local wildlife and human health. Additionally, artificial turf is made from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.
  3. Saves money, time, and hassle: If you’re wondering why you should switch to artificial grass, consider how much time and money you can save. You won’t need to purchase fertilizer, pesticides, or equipment to care for the areas covered by synthetic grass. Further, artificial grass lasts for years, without requiring essential tasks like reseeding or soil aeration when you have natural grass.
  4. Low maintenance: It’s easy to hose down the grass to keep it clean. Your property maintenance team can focus on other tasks while the artificial grass can just sit there and look pretty, all the time!
  5. No puddles or bare spots: Before installing artificial grass, our crew will smooth out the ground to help eliminate low spots where water may accumulate. We’ll also create irrigation channels to ensure proper drainage of rainwater.

Interior and Exterior Artificial Turf Installations

Many commercial property owners are surprised to find out that artificial turf looks just as great indoors as outdoors. It’s slip-resistant, firm, and provides a stable surface for wheelchairs, canes, and other mobility devices. Artificial grass installation can also help you create a warm, natural ambiance at your office, campus, or commercial property. If you have high-traffic areas that show signs of wear and tear, consider artificial grass as a potential flooring solution.

Contact us to find out more about why you should switch to artificial grass. Call Petalon at 408-453-3998 for assistance choosing a style that enhances your commercial property in the Bay Area.